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Minority in Women- Discussion 8 - Essay Example

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The practice of hiring white people in managerial and supervisory position while hiring minority groups for lesser jobs despite having…
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Minority in Women- Discussion 8
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Download file to see previous pages The plaintiffs were from different ethnic background and religions (Andersen & Hill-Collins, 2013).
One plaintiff of Mexican background stated that her supervisor discriminated against her by calling her a Mexican princess. She stated this made her feel humiliated since she was not considered as an equal to her American colleagues. Lorie Williams, a white woman stated that her supervisor had asked her to stop hiring African-American women since, as per the supervisors, they were intimidating to the clients. Lorie’s reply to her supervisors was that she did not consider the ethnicity of those she hired but she hired employees based on their qualification for jobs. This shows that the supervisors at Wal-Mart considered the African-American race as a violent group.
Another plaintiff, Melissa Howard, had a different experience but also discriminated because her husband was African-American. She stated that after requesting to be posted to any other store the management said that the only other option was a demotion. This shows that the some management members at Wal-mart were racists and unethical (Andersen & Hill-Collins, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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