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Racial Boundaries - Research Paper Example

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The following paper is focused on the problem of racial boundaries. Thus it is stated that America, with its global image of the superpower, of a multinational, multicultural and democratic state, has been struggling with the issue of race virtually since the time of its birth. …
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Racial Boundaries
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"Racial Boundaries"

Download file to see previous pages Decades after the desegregation breakthrough, American government promotes tolerance and equality as the key values of this great multinational country. Tolerance has become the greatest value in this democratic environment. Colored citizens have been enjoying far more rights and have been considered equal to whites. Promotion of tolerance and equality as the basis of democracy was probably amplified with emphasis on a single, unitary national language: English must have acted like cement for all ethnicities and races. Moreover, the idea of racial equality got enough high for a “colored” person to run for office and win presidential elections. But, at the same time, modern America displays disturbing tendencies of returning to racial inequality, though equal rights for all races have been widely promoted among the population. “Contrary to post-racialism, it is unmistakable that racism still remains a major phenomenon in the United States today” (Herndon, 2013). Due to studies and evidence, the racial issue is becoming all the more relevant again, and it is illustrated in a wide range of areas and cases.
The level of segregation in American education is mainly evaluated due to such measures as racial isolation/exposure and racial imbalance. It is known that measures of isolation/exposure evaluate segregation at school according to the proportion of races and ethnicities, which are present in a certain school. Obviously, this means that an educational institution attended by the majority of black students is considered racially isolating. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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