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The author examines the article “The Only Black Guy at the Indie Rock Show” which highlights the stereotypes that characterize music especially in regards to rock and hip-hop. Ultimately, personal understanding of music makes a significant difference, with or without stereotypical associations.   …
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Analysis of The Only Black Guy at the Indie Rock Show Article
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Response Essay Affiliation: Music genres appeal to people in different ways and forvaried reasons. In the contemporary global society, the growth and evolution of music has been influential to how people understand and/or interpret music. The article “The Only Black Guy at the Indie Rock Show” highlights the stereotypes that characterize music especially in regards to rock and hip-hop (Douglas, 2013). Ultimately, personal understanding of music makes a significant difference, with or without stereotypical associations. From a personal standpoint, the article’s author made a bold move to be a rock enthusiast at a time when rock had no association with black people.
The argument of associating some people with one thing and others with a different thing is not pro-music. This article highlights an individual’s strive to achieve something that many people could only dream of back in the history addressed in the article. The move to engage in rock even when expected not to breaks the usual and points out to the possibility of achieving something unusual. From a neutral point of view, however, black or white does not make bad or good. The most important factor to consider is the interest, drive, and motive behind that music genre. What this means is that both black and white people cannot do whatever and be whomever they want by putting the racial factor aside. The result would be a harmonized society where the dreams, interests, talents, and goals of an individual overrule one’s racial or cultural background.
The author makes a significant statement in the article, which notes, “Listening to rock felt like sneaking past guards of racial barriers” (Douglas, 2013). In light of this statement, it is evident that race, culture, and music are critically intertwined. The statement implies that rock music is not a black people’s thing. The truth of the matter, however, is that music and music genres have no racial boundaries. The misconception therein follows social events that sought to define who does what and why. Such misconceptions and stereotypes only stand to derail musical progress among racial differentials.
Music is an art without boundaries. In other words, it should be defined in words that go beyond racial concerns. The white or black factor should not feature anywhere as far as rock is concerned. In light of this article, there is notable difference between the time referred to in the article and today. Back then, racial profiling and potential segregation were evident. Today, however, majority of people have become tolerant to individual and cultural differences. Amid such notable progress, it is critical to note that an equitable balance between white and black has not achieved, especially in the context of music.
Finally, yet importantly, music is not about the black sticking to “blackness” or white sticking to “whiteness” (Douglas, 2013). Music is about being real to the world, understanding the genre, and supporting those who identify with it. In this respect, white, black, and any other race should have the freedom to pursue their musical interests without being looked down upon because they are not doing what they are “supposed” to do.
Douglas, M. (2013). The only black guy at the Indie Rock Show. MTV Hive. Retrieved from show/?src=longreads Read More
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