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Free to choose - Assignment Example

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Martin Luther King as one of the most prominent human rights activist in America of the 29th century holds its special pace in the process of formation of peculiar American identity. Being the first really passionate fighter for unity and racial equality in the United States,…
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Free to choose
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Extract of sample "Free to choose"

Download file to see previous pages It is natural that different people may form diverse opinions of a person and therefore, the necessity to consider their opinion as a part of identity rises. As the most significant and well-known part of King’s legacy we will consider the famous speech “I have a dream” to examine people’s attitude towards racial identity.
Identity of an individual is formed under the influence of numerous factors – social, political and cultural – that predetermine the way he/she will present him/herself to the society and his/her perceptions of various aspects of life. Moreover, in conditions of the modern culture, people tend to form their identities following the trends or adopting the legacy of certain prominent figures. Pop icons and mass media shape people’s views and behaviors and thus offer a wide range of opportunities for identity expression. Particularly, racial identity is the phenomenon that typically develops in close connection to such concepts as equality and segregation. This aspect of identity implies the way one feels about his or her race and, of course, the way society feels about it. On the other hand, one’s attitude towards certain race-related issue or figure might be subjected to this/her position in the historical and social contexts. Here, the issue of racial identity for ethnic minorities like African Americans attracts much attention in this respect, as it used to be the issue of controversy and oppression for many years before African Americans succeeded in the struggle for their rights. Currently, the figure discussed is Martin Luther King, who made an immense contribution to formation of many people’s racial identity and proclamation of total racial equality.
The personality of Martin Luther King is of extraordinary significance in the long struggle against racial discrimination and violation of human rights, which took so many years from the racial minorities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Free to Choose Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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Annotated Bibliography History Coles, Harry L. The War of 1812. Chicago: of Chicago Press, 1965. Print. The book gives a clear illustration to the events of the war and the involvement of the African Americans in the war. These events can be seen in the film The Revolution. The author agrees that the war interfered with the nature in which the African American lived during the time. The African American soldiers are seen in the movie to be the ones on the frontline of facing dangerous grounds as they are used as decoys in the field. This is the same explanation given in the book as the author indicates that their fellow soldiers always disrespected them, as they still had to work as slaves in the battlefield.
African Americans...
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