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Literature review on person centered change techniques using motivational interview linking to domestic violence victim with children - Essay Example

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It is normal that the society overlooks it, which, therefore, hinders it from getting the level of concern and attention it deserves. The paper evaluates the available literature on professionals regarding…
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Literature review on person centered change techniques using motivational interview linking to domestic violence victim with children
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Extract of sample "Literature review on person centered change techniques using motivational interview linking to domestic violence victim with children"

Download file to see previous pages However, contemporary research has enabled the professionals to focus on the perpetrator (man) as well, in this case, the “batterer.” A perspective retraction in thought takes place in both the intervention and problem, which involves placing the violent man at the center. Mostly, for children’s needs and women safety, the violent man assumes responsibility for the violent actions, and change accountability. Similarly, the program should involve the man to engage in activities that would prevent such person from violating a future or current partner in a relationship. The paper is a literature review, which examines the works of other authors who have written about Motivational Interview in relation to domestic violence.
The engagement with exercise with non-voluntary and involuntary clients is usually a challenging experience for practitioners; it is contingent on the notion that such clients are unmotivated or ‘resistant’ (Trotter, 2006). The studies identify strategies as aids in the process of engagement with involuntary clients. Therefore, such participation aids with involuntary clients include motivational interviewing (MI), client-centered approach, and relational and group development strategies.
Motivational Interview is an approach with a footing to developing change around subjects and situations whereby such conversation is plausible to exceedingly ‘hard’ and reluctance to converse about change, or pertinent issues are high. However, particular concerns and matters need addressing. It is especially applicable to close partner abuse and violence and suited for broad ‘restorative’ approaches. Therefore, it is a strength-based, non-judgmental, and respectful way to promote disclosure, acquire sustainable change, work fruitfully with resistance, and create actual engagement and working alliance. The approach is at the core of favorable intervention programs in domestic violence. Consequently, it offers a fortifying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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