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Forrest Gump Film Analysis Using Standing Concerns - Essay Example

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That is considered to be a magnificent story about unique and incredible person. “Forrest Gump” is remained to be a serious picture…
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Forrest Gump Film Analysis Using Standing Concerns
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Download file to see previous pages The action begins at a bus stop when Forrest tells stories to the different people who sit next to him and wait for a transport. They all are the strangers and they are not intended to make a conversation with Forest, but they are listening to him, and some of them express an interest to his unusual story. This is a representation of the way how the entire film is going to be constructed.
Forrest Gump is regarded as a storyteller and main character of the film. He starts with the early ages and develops a story step by step concerning the most important moments from his entire life. The sequence of actions is constructed chronologically from the childhood till the present days. Still, it is important to mention that the action is included images from the bench and bus stop with the change of Forrest’s listeners.
Forrest is pretended to be a normal boy. His mother has told him that he is a common person, and he is like others since his childhood. But his doctor, his peers and even he personally has understood that it is not so. Gump perceives that he is different and lives with realization of his insufficiency. “Stupid is as stupid does” – is considered to be a phrase that Forrest knows from his mother (Roth, 12). This boy has some mental and physical problems, but exactly because of this he is considered to be so special and has a chance to live a different life with unusual worldview and mindset.
The film represents a high number of socially and culturally essential themes that can be interesting for the audience (Palmer, 24 – 26). It is relevant to admit that such problems and fate and coincidence, love and death, dream and despair, wisdom and stupidity are explored through the story. Robert Zemeckis successfully represents the deep sense of every significant moment in the film.
It is worse to regard “Forrest Gump” from the point of view of standing concerns that involve deep social interference and are connected with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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