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Culture and belief play a big part in the way people perceive beauty and attractiveness. The paper "Modern Standards Of Beauty And Attractiveness" discusses the worldwide attributes of beauty to both genders, which define our perspectives on how the society views and perceive beauty…
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Modern Standards Of Beauty And Attractiveness
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Modern Standards Of Beauty And Attractiveness
Skin color is worldwide attribute of beauty to both genders, which define our perspectives on how the society views and perceive beauty. In agreement with the article, the modern black woman still attributes beauty to their skin color. The writer ascribes that the black woman is less satisfied with her skin color. However, there is an increasing turn to the beauty of a black woman. The typical American woman is appreciating the beauty that comes with being black, not only health wise but also the increasing media liberation of black women as the face of beauty products, film industry (Lupita Nyong’o, Gabrielle Union), strong personality (Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks) and culture modernity (Michelle Obama).
Body weight is an issue to both women and male. The imaging of “perfect American woman” who is tall, petite and smooth skinned, is an issue of concern to all women, inspite of their race or color. Today many gyms have sprout up everywhere; in the elite society and in the poor society, black and Asian communities and multicultural societies. More black women are spending their time trying to lose weight, in order to fit the showgirl body size. Many organizations in Africa and nations having majority of blacks are running campaigns to sensitize women on the need of being proud of their large body sizes.
Male attractiveness is not so much emphasized on looks rather on the masculinity attributes. However, with the evolving of the modern man, most women, especially black women, today are identifying men on the attributes of their skin color and how lovely the kids they will sire together will look like. With the emergence of strong and responsible men as painted by the film industry, the perspective of black men as threatening is changing and more American and Asian women are relating to the image of a black man as beauty.
Women, especially the black woman, discriminate against both the white and the Asian men, because of their behavioral attributes. Many black communities define a man as “strong, aggressive and masculine”, traits not so common in white and Asian men. The film industry through films like Wolverine and other masculine movies are revolutionizing the image of a white man. As the article stated, the Asian men, through martial arts is trying to change their image.
According to the article “best of both worlds”, it is true men are more satisfied with their specific body parts, but the emergence of a different caliber of men, mostly portrayed by singers, there is a change. More men today are grooming themselves to fit a certain image. The emergence of LGTBQ community has also redefined the way most men perceive their body parts. Parts more perceived apart from body build, is their facial outlook (lack of or having beard) and the shape and look of their body structure. Femininity among men is becoming a stylish outlook.
Culture and belief do play a big part in the way people perceive beauty and attractiveness, but with the continuous inter-cultural interactions and as global village becomes even smaller, the attributes of beauty will keep changing. As the article puts it, the attributes of mixed racial beauty will continue to become a point of reference and envy as people of different cultures and races intermarry. However, the notion of skin color as a point of beauty will continue to be of significance to both the blacks, Asians and American communities. Nearly everyone wants to change how they look according to the trending perspective of beauty.
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