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The Feminizing of Eating Disorders and Cosmetic Surgery - Research Paper Example

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The Feminizing of Eating Disorders and Cosmetic Surgery Institution Affiliation: Introduction Feminizing of eating disorders to achieve a thin body and cosmetic surgery to perfect genetic flaws is spreading to the rest of the world. According to researchers in the U.S, plastic surgeons indicated an increase of 288% of cosmetic surgery procedures done to women as from 1997 to 2002 (Swami et al., 2008)…
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The Feminizing of Eating Disorders and Cosmetic Surgery
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, eating disorders continue to affect both teenagers and young adults worldwide. In the U.S, women subject themselves to unhealthy eating habits such as starving to achieve the desired beauty by the modern society (Gimlin, 2000). Anorexia is one of the deadly eating disorders related to beauty that contributes to the high mortality rate in the U.S. Doctors treat patients that are suffering from anorexia and bulimia have 50% recovery rate while the remaining percentage develops chronic condition as side effects of the eating disorders (Ward, 2005). Cosmetics surgery achieves the standards of beauty in the modern society. Mainstream media play a chief role in reinforcing the modern standards of beauty as shown in advertisements and the entertainment industry. Eating disorders arise due to the modern standards of being thin, which shows the image of beauty. Older women choose cosmetic surgery to disguise their ages and look like young adults. Thesis Statement: Women in the modern society achieve an ideal form of beauty enhanced by mainstream media by undergoing painful cosmetics surgeries, developing eating disorders to become thin, and to sustain youthful looks in old age. Ideal Standard of Beauty The ideal standard of beauty originated from the American society after World War II. Women in the postwar U.S. were restricted to domestic occupation of nurturing children and satisfying the needs of their husbands. An advertisement showing a thin, blonde and beautiful woman with full breasts created a nation-wide revolution in American homes. Women dyed their hair blonde, bought slimming pills and wore extravagant clothes. All women wanted to look beautiful and own a house with a convoy of neat cars while staying at home. This tradition was carried by generations to the modern society where development of technology led to the advancement in the cosmetics surgery field. Women in the modern society enhance their looks through reconstructive surgery, face-lifts and enhancement of body parts (Swami et al., 2008). Many people are born with freckles, skin diseases and in different races, but cosmetics surgery improves their appearance. Cosmetics surgery corrects these genetic flaws that do not adhere to the modern standards of beauty. There are women who are born with full lips, large noses or round faces. Cosmetics surgery corrects these flaws for women because people judge each other on the basis of appearance. People consider superficial beauty in women as the only notable aspect of femininity rather than skills, personality and gender equality in achieving set goals. People do not assess women in terms of power or status but by the size of their bodies, their shapes and complexion. Cosmetics surgery advances to a new level of restructuring body parts to achieve the ideal standards of beauty. Women undergo breast, hips and gluteal mass enlargement to look attractive. Beautiful women get favors from men and envy from other women who lack the ideal beauty. In the contemporary society, women seek either beautiful or knowledge but not both. Beautiful women get everything from the opposite sex but normal women that walk with natural beauty work hard to achieve the same things. Media’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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