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In this essay, the author demonstrates the new capitalistic world of the USA with absolutely new models of behavior, interrelationships with people who have the manager or related positions. And also the author describes the strict hierarchy and strong power of managers in corporate capitalism…
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Effect on the American Society of the World Changes
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the technical revolution in the USA brought many new technologies, types of business activities, etc, which requires a new measure of the estimation of the worker’s productivity and efficiency – bilateral trust. Without this worker’s feature, USA managers will treat the worker as an unreliable one and will never promote to the higher posts. Different class of the workers engaged in the new activities, like online monitoring of the sites or internet activities, working with the credit cards
Obeying and complying with the orders or work targets, though also an effective strategy, it predetermines the fulfillment of the set assignment. However, it is much effective to give the choice to the worker whether to obey the requirements of the manager or not. It depends on the trust of the worker to the manager. If the trust is lost, talks about the future promotion or even work on the highest posts are useless; such workers cannot comply to the new types of the business interrelationships, so there is no need to employ them and using of their services. Capitalistic America is marked with strong competition for the good post, and loss of the manager trust is an unacceptable thing for the worker. Therefore such a strategy is much effective than the previous one based on the hierarchy. People without the background of such education in the family cannot or very hard to maintain such activity that faces all requirements. However, people without such principles can take the posts of the low-income professions and do their best to develop such features, needed for the good functioning in the high-income professions. It should be underlined that the intimacy and trust strategy will be definitely reproduced due to the anxiety of the workers to lose the desirable work due to the loss of trust and to save their children from such future. They will educate their children with accordance with these principles and it will produce the society of the trust-based workers which will do their task with assurance in the result and with the highest grades of the quality. And it is the primary requirements for every elite worker of the USA (Rutherford 411). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effect on the American Society of the World Changes Essay - 2. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1664720-cause-and-effect-essay.
“Effect on the American Society of the World Changes Essay - 2”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1664720-cause-and-effect-essay.
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