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Reagan Revolution Through President Obama - Research Paper Example

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Reagan Revolution Through President Obama Author [Pick the date] One of the primary historical events that has changed the overall course of action for the American State were the Nine eleven WTC attacks that not only shook America but the world as a whole because of the illustrative terror it embarked on the mindsof people from every class and multifarious domains…
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Reagan Revolution Through President Obama
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"Reagan Revolution Through President Obama"

Download file to see previous pages The security threats within and outside the State were very much demanding the unanimous outbreak of the straightforward policies of the government but the political failure to take all parties on board also worsened the situations. Similarly one of the most important historical events was the cold war. The cold war ignited the hate culture between the Americans and the Russians and there was always a fight to stop the Russians to reach the hot water sea ports of South East Asia to minimize the chance of growth and put the fence to the stance of terror and hatred towards the American state. These importunate historical events shook the American policy making strategies andaffected the people on the overall grounds. The events continue to affect the people in some form or the other (Kettle, 2011). Changes in social, cultural and technologicalaspects can cause extensive changes Inthe attitude of the people because of the fact that the nirvana of intuitiveness of the technological progressions of the modern world candrive the whole society in way that can change the pivotal aspects of the society for example the advent of the television technology has really changed the way of perception of the masses and now there is nothing in the sense of activity in the political corridors and important aspects that is hidden from the people. The elevation of social media around the world has also changed the attitudes of people. People can become more interactive and critical towards the general regimes around the world because everything is subject for open discussion in the social media and there is nothing that can be perceived in the wrong context. The changes and advancements in technology can drive the whole society in a specific way. The policies of government in the United States have effected largely on the social and historical aspects of people because of the fact that the government policy can embark huge effects on the vicinity of the people. For example the decision to take part in the cold war and support the Afghans back in eighties has changed the pivotal aspects of thoughts of people now. Most of the people are of the view that supporting the people of Afghanistan back in eighties was a wrong decision which has affected every single individual of the United States in some form or the other. Similarly, the policy to fund the technology park and boost up the technology advancement in the country has supported the people’s lives, created more jobs and elevated the progress of the individuals in all the contexts. The economic policies in the times of crunches have also affected the local living standards (Tradshad,, 2013). Being the “super power” has raised many questions at the legitimacy of American State affairs because of the fact that American has been at the threat of violence and internal conflicts after the furious 9/11 attacks that took 3,000 lives of the Americans and injured numerous. The effective winning of the Cold war back in nineties and the throttling effect of the incidents after that people have given the Americans a sense of responsibility to elevate the proper manifestation of the responsibilities of the Super power entity. The lives of the common man have not beeffected by turning of the American state into super power because there are augmented threats of terror ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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