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It is a good source of information detailing the pre - colonial period of the North America continent. The audience of the book is none other than historians who study the human behavior,…
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Summarize& Response
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"Summarize& Response"

Download file to see previous pages Chronological follow up of events and how they transpired leading to the current population in the North American continent is remarkable. Here, the author shows how the primordial American cultures came about and the integration of several other races to the continent (DeConde, 41).
The passage is answering the question, “How did America have such diversified cultures?” The passage clearly answers this question by detailing the processes and events that led to the multiple cultures finding their way into the United States. Identity of the majority of people in the continent is not clear, and in history, it is important to know the roots of a particular culture (Cornell and Hartmann, 197). The passage tells the history of how Whites, African Americans, and Chinese got to America, and why they were part of the origin of America. This aids in identifying the reasons for the eroded culture of the current population compared to the original culture in places they are believed to have come from prior to reaching America.
Examples have been effectively used in the excerpt to show the real occurrences that took place in the pre-colonial period. The trade between the European and the Native Americans for instance is one of them. The author gives us an example of the commodities exchanged in the process. With respect to this example, it is possible to see the culture, economic activities and the skills of the Native Americans. The level of development is also displayed by the commodities the Europeans exchange to the Native Americans during the trading (Cornell and Hartmann, 197).
Reading this excerpt has revealed the history of the nation with clear points to support the text. However, the excerpt does not seem to condemn the slavery and exploitation of the natives in the North American continent. The history, exquisitely articulated with reference to others source is a very good thing. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summarize& Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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