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How is a child's attitude about marriage shaped by divorce - Research Paper Example

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The family environment, especially the nuclear family, provides for supportive systems which the child depends on for development. At almost any age during the childhood years, the child is always highly dependent…
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How is a childs attitude about marriage shaped by divorce
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Download file to see previous pages Divorce affects children in so many ways, and in some cases, even affects such children of divorce in their adulthood. There is a question of whether such children may have a negative view on family and commitment as they grow up. Are children of divorce more likely to have a low regard of marriage and commitment? Are they likely to have the same regard for marriage as those who had a stable family or are they more likely to have a better sense of commitment to marriage? These are the questions that definitely need to be answered. Given the fact that the parents act as role models for the child, the hypothesis assumes that these children are capable of having a low opinion on marriage and commitment.
Before tackling the issue of how divorce leads to the children regarding marriage and relationship commitment, it is necessary to first identify how the process of divorce affects children psychologically. There exist several important issues that have to be considered with regard to the process of having a divorce and the way this affects children. When the parents decide to divorce, their children who are still in childhood years (up to age 16) will have to suffer some psychological problems. According to Berlin (2005, Para 4), a child from parents who are divorced has a higher probability of performing poorly in the various areas such as in academics, games, and in discipline issues. This is a matter of concern of many parents as well as the various agencies that deal with the wellbeing of families and especially children.
According to Whitton (2008, 789–793), there is a high correlation between low levels of trust and commitment in long lasting relationships such as marriage with the fact that the people come from divorced parents. Whitton (2008, 789–793) did the research from the perspective that even though there is a general consensus among scholars that there is a trans-generational effect on divorce for the children who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Is a child'S Attitude about Marriage Shaped by Divorce Research Paper.
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