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Objectification Of Women In The Music Industry - Research Paper Example

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The 1960s saw a wave of feminism that brought with it new ways of looking at female sexuality. The research "Objectification Of Women In The Music Industry" discusses whether women have been objectified by the music industry in order to generate more sales…
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Objectification Of Women In The Music Industry
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Download file to see previous pages According to Zimmerman & Dahlberg (), approximately 60 percent of all music videos today are based on sexual feelings. Frisby & Aubrey argue that women artists are more responsible for portraying women as objects more than their male counterparts.
In this context, Edmondson writes that Madonna was one of the earliest artists to risk sexuality in the music line, with her “Erotica” album of 1992 and in a world tour in which topless dancers were featured. Maybe the writers and producers of music lyrics and videos do not wish to degrade women or portray them as subordinates in real life, but any product always has an influence on the perceptions of its customer. Being objects of a social construct that measures their success depending on how much sex they exude, female artists continue to appear in videos and make songs that potentially degrade them as women in order to sell their music.
The fight for women rights and the gender equality campaign has almost succeeded in ensuring that women are accorded equal treatment with men. Accordingly, the traditional notion that women are subordinate to men and the archaic view of women as sexual objects has been overshadowed by the success of women in various levels of the society. However, these gains seem to be facing a serious challenge from the entertainment industry that often uses women to market products. In particular, the music industry has been at the forefront in using lyrics and videos that objectify women in a bid to attract the male customer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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