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Hispanic Political Party/Voter Affiliation - Research Paper Example

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The voting pattern of the Hispanic community in the 2008 and 2012 presidential election has been an indication of the potential influence their uniform vote can have in the final outcome of the results. They identify themselves with the Democratic Party because it advocates for…
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Hispanic Political Party/Voter Affiliation
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Download file to see previous pages 4.0 tables indicate that Hispanics have more preference for the Democratic Party compared to the Republican Party in both national and state elections. Hispanic voters have also influenced the outcomes of presidential election as evidenced by the frequency distribution in the output.
The term Hispanics in the United States identifies Spanish-speaking people with origins from countries such as Cuba, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. Their homogeneity especially in areas where they are densely populated makes them an influential force in American politics. In 2012, Hispanics comprised 17.2% of the total population and 8.9% of the actual voters in the US (Abrajano and Alvarez, 2012).The American culture has diversified groups including liberal and conservative elements, materialists, scientific and religious competitors who have equal rights to freedom of expressing their opinions. Hispanics are considered to be more liberal meaning they are open to political or social change with only 23% being conservative. In the mid-term election in 2010, although Republicans gathered more victories, 60% of the Hispanics voted Democratic while 38% voted Republican (Belkhir, 2008). As evidenced in the 2008 presidential election, 67% of the Hispanics supported Barrack Obama and their support for Democrats is growing in recent mid-term elections as the younger generation of voters emerges (Lopez, 2007).
Hispanics differ in voting trends depending on their ethnicity and their backgrounds. Colombian and Cuban Americans tend to support conservative political ideologies while Dominican, Puerto Rican and Mexican Americans favor liberal views. President George W Bush’s presidency had a significant impact on political leanings of Hispanics and Latinos (Lopez, 2007). However, after illegal immigration and Republican scandals, Hispanics and Latinos strongly supported Democrats and have maintained this trend since the election of Clinton. Their support is derived from moral values and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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