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Hispanic American Diversity - Research Paper Example

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This essay revolves around the four groups Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans Cuban Americans and Central Americans, which are a part of this Hispanic population of the U.S. and puts forward different aspects that help to understand their background and ethnicity…
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Hispanic American Diversity
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"Hispanic American Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages Mexican Americans have been living for a very long time in the United States and have adapted accordingly to the demands of the culture and society. In 2006 it was found that 14 percent of the documented immigrants in the United States belonged to Mexico. These Americans are diverse when it comes to their language. Twenty-six percent of the Mexican Americans can talk in both Spanish and English, 23 percent of them talk English whereas 51 percent speak Spanish. The political stance of Mexican American remains the same as the other Hispanic groups as they have been long ignored in the political arena because of their language differences. However, their voting rights were established long back and they are able to vote easily. It has also been realized that they form a great portion of the voters and they have been specifically targeted by many leaders. Although their political strength is increasing with every passing day it can be still seen that injustice prevails against these immigrants in terms of education, testing and immigration reforms. The Mexican Americans follow the principles of Catholicism accordingly. The economic condition of these Americans has not become any better as there still remains a huge gap between the born Americans and the immigrants. The rate of poverty, unemployment is higher in this group if compared with the Whites (Schaefer 2010; Keedle 2010).
Puerto Ricans form another major group of Hispanics in the United States. These Americans tend to be more oriented towards the English Language as they have been a part of the US history. These people have known to be undergoing a phenomenon known as neocolonialism as they are not able to accept the American identity as a whole. The economic stance of the Puerto Ricans is not as good as the whites and they are known to suffer from a higher rate of unemployment too.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hispanic American Diversity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 4.
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