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My Ethnic Group - Assignment Example

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The author examines the development of Hispanics in America which is closely connected to their hard work for a better life in a strange land. Besides, the positive attitude shown by the Hispanic youngsters towards American diversity is equally important…
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My Ethnic Group
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Download file to see previous pages But one can see that the second or third generation of the Hispanics shows keen interest to socialize with other races. Besides, almost all the Hispanics show the keen interest of life in urban areas. One can see that culture is considered as most important in exile life. This is absolutely true about the Hispanic group from the Caribbean islands.
We are Hispanics, basically from the city of Santiago, situated in the Dominican Republic. Our family consists of father (Victor), mother (Elida), elder brother (Jarion), younger brother (Victor Jr.) and myself. As we are away from our motherland, we used to keep close relation with each other. For instance, we were forced to move to Puerto Rico but close relationship with our family helped us to enjoy our life without further problems. Besides, shifting our family from Santiago did not affect the education of younger members of our family.
One can see that immigration to a new nation helps the younger generation to grab new opportunities in life. For instance, our family decided to immigrate to America. So, we happened to reach Boston, Massachusetts. Besides, my family gave much more importance to education and career opportunities in America. Our family settled in South End, Massachusetts and I joined Charlestown High School. The scope of education and career opportunities for Hispanics in America is high. For instance, I graduated from Brighton High School and joined Massachusetts Bay Community College for higher studies. So, one can see that immigration helped our family a lot to grab opportunities in the American society.
Apart from some initial adjustment problems, our family faced fewer problems related to prejudice, segregation or racism. As pointed out earlier, the multicultural characteristics of American society accepted us to its core. One can see that racial and ethnic diversity in American society is most helpful for immigrants from different parts of the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Ethnic Group Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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