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Ethnic Segregation and Its Effects in America - Assignment Example

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Ethnic segregation is a way of separating people according to their races. This applies to their housing, transportation, restaurant facilities and access to public places among many other areas of public interest. …
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Ethnic Segregation and Its Effects in America
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Extract of sample "Ethnic Segregation and Its Effects in America"

Ethnic Segregation and Its Effects in America School Ethnic Segregation in America Ethnic segregation is a way of separating people according to their races. This applies to their housing, transportation, restaurant facilities and access to public places among many other areas of public interest. From the American mapping, New York leads among the most segregated large cities with a great degree of racial diversity which intensifies the high rate of ethic segregation in the city. Ethnic segregation in the US is mainly seen in the residential settings. Research shows that the whites are populated in one area while the backs, Asians and Latino have their own separate residential sites. The whites are mainly found clustered together with few other races in their midst. Birth weight segregation similarly has high degree regarding the segregation as it separates the Asians, blacks, whites and Latino from each other. Many places are known by the originality of the persons. Racial diversity impacts negatively on the American residents. Research shows that the African American residents have problems in accessing good quality jobs or even lack them in the long run. Researches shows that the spatial segregation of blacks from the whites led to segregated modes of employments and hence race based employment which leads to varied economic status and thus high poverty rates among the blacks as compared to the whites. Ethnic segregation similarly leads to health segregation. Research shows that the blacks are prone to very poor health conditions as perceived from the birth results. The discriminated persons similarly have limited access to the health facilities which diminishes their health conditions. The segregation also impacts negatively on the mental well being of the discriminated persons. Ethnic segregation has numerous benefits. Academic excellence is perceived as one of the main benefits that are achieved from ethnicity. From researches, strong racial diversity leads to good academic performances from the perception that connections to one’s racial group can codger undesired stereotypes on the learner’s race leading to an increased motivation to excel in education. Adolescents are also seen to perform well as they perceive the importance of their race and thus aim to study hard to give a name to their race. Similarly, racial segregation helps to create jobs for some groups. Some groups that are deemed rich will always have a preference of hiring persons of other races to work for them as slaves. This has helped some people attain jobs that are well paying. Through working in search situations, the different races get a chance to interact and hence may help to reduce the big gap between the groups. Los Angeles is a highly ethnical city. The ethnic diversity seen here is mainly on the residential places. The residents are clustered to specific places according to their group. The blacks are the most segregated from the other races and hence appear as the major minority group. However, work places have mixed relations where interactions are seen among the races. Men are seen to interact more among the diverse groups while women mainly remain glued to their groups. Lending is highly discriminative and is a major cause of the increased segregation. Transportation is also a major influence on the racialism in Los Angeles. The poor are decimated from the rich in the public transport lines. Miami is similarly among the most segregated city in America. Researches show that the blacks are the most discriminated. The black’s segregation is stiffened by their violent nature. It is highly reported that the backs respond with lots of violence to the negative impact of racialism impacted on them by the other races. In Minneapolis St Paul city of Minnesota, racial segregation is mainly seen in the blacks. The blacks appear as the minority group as their numbers is very small in many parts but this fact is attributed to their late migration to the region. Most of them went there lately from Chicago. San Francisco, California also faces racial diversity with the Filipinos increasing being the minority group. Filipinos migrated to California with other races such as the Mexicans but were then expelled from the state as they were no longer considered Americans. A disease was also reported to strike the areas occupied by the Filipinos leading to death of many of them and hence they limited their population in California. In Cleveland and Des Moines, Latinos remain the minority group. The Latinos are reported to have migrated to these cities in bid to search for employment in the meat and agricultural plants. This led to their increased number and hence become the largest minority groups. Conclusion America is one of the continents where all races are found. It is found out that in every three Americans, there is at least one person from a different race. Racial diversity is very prominent and is deemed to increase in. However, the ethnic groups in America strive hard to eliminate the gaps. This may be achieved through lots of interaction in the work places, schools and residential places. Reference US Census Bureau. (2010) Community facts. Retrieved from Read More
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Ethnic Segregation and Its Effects in America Assignment.
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