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Problems in Capitalist Society: (follows by the topic focus here) - Essay Example

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Oppression of first nation women in Canada can directly be related to theories generated by philosophers like Carl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. Their theories are drawn due to their relevant in evaluating issues caused by colonization and capitalism. This paper will…
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Problems in Capitalist Society: (follows by the topic focus here)
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Extract of sample "Problems in Capitalist Society: (follows by the topic focus here)"

Download file to see previous pages ?s concepts of "The Division of Labour in Society." These concepts relate to the oppression and discrimination that was imposed on the colonized states by the powerful colonizers and specifically in Canada. They will therefore draw a clear illustration of the oppression of the first nation women in Canada as a result of colonization and capitalism (Emile 1893: 31).
The first nation women in Canada were vulnerable to numerous prejudices and oppressions which can be traced to colonial policies which discriminated and oppressed women. Colonization led to the introduction of “capitalism” which brought about the concept of money. This alienated the first nation people in Canada from their traditional institutions, marginalized and discriminated against women. When the Europeans conquered North America, they dominated the first class people imposing on them new ways of living. “Alienation” led to oppression and prejudice of women as a culture which was instilled into the first class people by the European settlers (Williams 1990: 1034). The introduction of factories and money led to “division of labour” where the first class people were used as slaves. Money propelled people to work hard and gain more which led us to the concept of “Primitive Accumulation” (Kelm and Lorne 2006: 52).
Before the colonization, the first nation women were not discriminated against by the society. They were actively involved in the affairs of the community (Blair and Peggy 2005: 2). The society was democratic and allowed women to participate in economic, social and political activities and decision making processes which touched on their lives and those of their children. Colonization led to erosion of all social, economic and political freedom of first nation women and instead resulted to multiple prejudices such as class oppression, racism and gender violence (Jacobs 2000: 159).
The first nation women in Canada continue to be oppressed despite the measures being put ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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