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Some say that Canadian History is a history of failure, not accomplishment. Do you agree with this opinion - Essay Example

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TOPIC: SOME SAY THAT CANADIAN HISTORY IS A HISTORY OF FAILURE, NOT ACCOMPLISHMENT. DO YOU AGREE? Introduction Canada has a rich history which has been argued by some to be a failure. Dickason (2006, p11) states that it used to be contended by non-Indians that Canada has more geography to it; compared to its history…
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Some say that Canadian History is a history of failure, not accomplishment. Do you agree with this opinion
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"Some say that Canadian History is a history of failure, not accomplishment. Do you agree with this opinion"

Download file to see previous pages Again he asserts that Canada pretends to be a neat culturally woven nation forgetting that it had in its core a tattooed racism stimulus. Racism has been in the Canadian culture for generations. It is imperative that history is created by both real memories as well as carving a literature of incidences to make it liveable. In this light this argument, it can be inferred that the History of Canada is not all about truths (Francis, 1997). Thesis "Having no independence day, no history of independence war and having symbols that are fictitiously declared as national symbols; Canada has more geography to it, compared to its history" I ARGUMENT : There is no history of Canada engaging in a self-liberating war of its own; something that would anchor well as a founding historical perspective. 1. PROOF: Canada never fought for its independence like most countries that tended to dislodge their colonial rulers. EXPLAIN It has been put into ink like the Magna Carta. Unlike such countries, Canada recognized itself as a country upon the declaration of the Balfour Report (1926), which declared it, as an autonomous community within the British Empire. 2. PROOF: During the First World War (1914-1918) the British declared war against Germany; the implications were that the Canadian military was forced to get involved to protect its territory as it was a subservient nation of the British. EXPLAIN Upon declaration of war against Germany, a rift was developed between the French speaking and English speaking citizens. The war was fought conspicuously by the Canadian Forces with a support from Canadians of British decent, reiterating that they had to defend their mother country. This was further supported by the quote “It is our duty to let Great Britain know and to let the friends and foes of Great Britain know that there is in Canada but one mind and one heart and that all Canadians are behind the Mother Country” (Various Publishers, 2011). This led to the battle of the Vimy Ridge in 1917 where the Canadian Corps sought to fight against Germans. According to John Pierce (2012), although the Canadians had nothing to do with this war; yet the British depicted it as their own war to blind the Canadians of the reality of the nature of this war. CONCLUDING SENTENCE: The history of Canada reveals that no war can be labelled as the war of independence of Canada; although there is history of other wars being fought in the region, none of them qualifies as a war of independence. II: SECOND ARGUMENT: Canada is a country without an independence day. History reveals no single moment at which Canada gained its sovereignty. 1. PROOF: The name of the founder of the country is missing. EXPLAIN/ELABORATE/DESCRIBE: Canada has no founders to be celebrated; even the Quebec has its own day when it celebrates the national day (Thompson, 2013). It is therefore evident that there is no national-day or event that indicates the independence of Canada and in the same spirit no achievement to celebrate (Hart, 2008). 2. PROOF: Canada amended its constitution in 1982 EXPLAIN/ELABORATE/DESCRIBE: Perhaps independence resulted when Canada eventually amended it constitution in the year 1982. Embassies were thereafter established and the Country virtually came into existence as a result of this report. It is also an argument that maturity was probably attained when Canada felt the loss of their young soldiers during the World war. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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