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In its simple form, one could deduce that the term diversity stemmed from the root word ‘diverse’ which means different, varied, and composed of heterogeneous elements or components that are…
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Diversity Defined
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Diversity Defined al Affiliation Diversity Defined Concocting a comprehensive definition of diversity is actually challenging. In itssimple form, one could deduce that the term diversity stemmed from the root word ‘diverse’ which means different, varied, and composed of heterogeneous elements or components that are dissimilar. As such, diversity means a condition or state wherein there are different or dissimilar components.
The fact that makes defining the term challenging is when it is applied to various perspectives, disciplines, or situations. From the previous writing experience, one was illumined on diversity in three perspectives; where one focused on its application in terms of socio-cultural interactions (Lehrman, 2003; Cohen, 2009; Leung, Maddux, Galinsky & Chiu, 2008), family life and gendered relationships (Barnett & Hyde, 2001), and well as in work or organizational settings. As one read the points of views of classmates on the subject, it was interesting to note that some viewed diversity as stemming from social, cultural, and biological factors that included age, gender, race, cultural, religion, and environment (Kimble, 2013). Similar contentions were presented by Browning (2013) who likewise discussed defining diversity through classifying it into social, cultural, and natural biodiversity; and further looked into its benefits across these facets. The organizational aspect was likewise corroborated and cited by Browning (2013) from the article written by Faist (2010), who acknowledged the existence of “three levels of diversity (individual, organizational, societal) where organizations ‘are adjusting their practices and routines—for instance, with respect to staff recruitment and interpreting services’” ( p. 301).
Therefore, integrating all these components, inputs and ingredients to provide a more comprehensive definition of the term ‘diversity’, that incorporates characteristics to acknowledge its complexity and breadth, one is led to come up with this meaning: diversity is a dynamic and evolving condition or state that manifests existence of different, heterogeneous, or dissimilar components and applied to varied perspectives which could range from social, cultural, demographic, biological, natural, and organizational, among others.
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Diversity Defined Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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