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From the essay "Social Interactions" it is clear that one of the important bases of a communal interaction is that the interaction is on a personal level between individuals. Individuals tend to know each other exceedingly well and because of this, their interaction tends to be extremely informal…
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Social Interactions
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Social Interactions
One of the important bases of a communal interaction is that the interaction is on a personal level between individuals. Individuals tend to know each other exceedingly well and because of this, their interaction tends to be extremely informal. An example of this is between neighbors who have lived next to each other for years. In an associational interaction, on the other hand, the interaction between the people involved tends to be terribly impersonal, and a casual interaction often remains formal throughout its duration. An example of an associational interaction is that between an individual and a cashier in a food store (Tschan 145).
Another basis of interaction that can be compared is based on how this interaction directly affects an individual. It can be said that a communal interaction has more of an effect on an individual than an associational one. This is because communal interaction is based on long established relationships, which cannot be easily broken. The people involved will have known each other for many years, and their relationship is based on trust. An associational interaction rarely affects an individual, and it is a fact that individuals hardly think of such an interaction moments after it has taken place.
Communal interactions tend to be highly confidential, with various members of a society being open with one another, but not being open when it comes to strangers. Associational interactions are never confidential because most of these interactions take place in public, where it is hardly ever necessary to remain confidential. While people in a communal interaction can share what they feel with one another, those in an associational relationship are often wary of revealing their feelings. Therefore, while the former interaction is intensely intimate, the latter often remains impersonal with no personal feelings being exchanged between individuals.

A person’s attachment to the community, within which one lives, is sometimes determined by how this community treats him or her. If the community treats an individual well, then it is highly likely that this person will become so attached to it that he or she would not even consider committing a crime within it. On the other hand, if an individual is badly treated, then this person is more likely to commit crimes within the community. This is because the strong bonds, which would have made such a person value the community, would not be present.
In addition, some communities condone and even encourage crime within them. Such communities are usually mostly made up of criminals, who see no remorse when they commit crimes. If a person develops a bond with such a community, then it is extremely likely that he or she will get involved in crime and deviant activities. Such a person would be influenced, by the community, itself to commit crimes within and outside of it.
Therefore, some individuals end up committing crimes within their own communities as an act of rebellion because they do not identify with them. This often happens in cases where a community is decidedly strict on matters concerning crime. An individual, to show just how much he or she does not care what the community thinks of them tend to resort to committing a crime as well as engaging in deviant activities.

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