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In the paper “Global Terrorism” a particular focus has been given to the concept with due emphasis on the way to fight against terrorism. In order to fight against terrorism efficiently, it is required to analyze the impact and dug out the funding behind it…
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Global Terrorism
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Experts are still in progress to analyze the effects a terror activity can cause to the global world. They have taken the World Trade Centre attack as the epicenter. Therefore it is of utmost importance to judge the importance of international terrorism in the arena of globalization. The population is driven rapidly in as a circle of shock which seems to have fatal psychological effects on the civil society. The effects may not have direct economic effects but the arising panic have the potential to destabilize the economy dramatically. The anticipation regarding a terrorist attack can also play a part in the short term behavior of the market. In addition, huge costs are associated with the reconstruction and insurance of the casualties of terrorist attacks. The construction costs heaped to a huge amount as estimated some of the eminent concerns after the 2011 attack on the US. The international terrorist activity has a double impact on the economy. It can have short and medium-term effects. The terrorist groups are used to collect funds from criminal enterprises, the unregulated banking system and also through a network of charitable organizations. Some states are involved in funding the terrorist groups indirectly. They provide logistics as well as financial support to those groups. They position their finances in such a fashion that one cannot find unlawful activities and appears to be legitimate spending. The terrorist groups use multiple methods of fund transfer which makes it difficult to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate transfer. An array of criminal activities also serves the purpose of funding for the groups. A significant portion of remittance from drug trafficking is generated only for the purpose of transferring the amounts to fund terrorist activities. The operation of the terrorist activities within the globalized era is striking. For about a decade now, terrorism has become a global phenomenon. A debate is still on progress regarding the magnitude or the multiplicity of the effects of international terrorism. Some are of the opinion that the disturbances are peripheral and the cities under the attacks tend to recover quickly and get back to their normal routine. On the other hand, some are of the opinion that global terrorism offers long term disturbances and in fact, it can have its effects on some sectors like tourism. The dynamics of globalization have contributed to maximizing the capacity of global terrorism and this is where the danger is incorporated. Read More
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