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Envy at Work by T. Menon and L. Thompson - Article Example

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In the paper “Envy at Work by T. Menon and L. Thompson” the author discusses the article about the most ubiquitous, customary and prevalent aspect of human nature, which has turned out to be the prevailing cause of distress, the envy. The authors have studied the role played by envy in the workplace…
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Envy at Work by T. Menon and L. Thompson
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Extract of sample "Envy at Work by T. Menon and L. Thompson"

The authors have featured envy as a social microscope. The authors have discussed the different human nature which shows signs and symptoms of envy at work. The article suggests numerous signs of envy and the repercussions of having such a feeling, including the worst outcome i.e. loss of a job, friend and social network. The authors have highlighted the damaging side effects of envy. Envy manifests disparagement and distancing. Better qualities are treated by others with ridicule and resentment. In today's highly competitive era, where competition is mounting in every walk of life, individuals are in the race of proving oneself every time, as a result, some people adopt certain means which are not ethical in order to march ahead of others. In so doing they generate envy in other's thoughts for self which differs from healthy competition. Enviers have difficulty in learning and they find it difficult to collaborate with others such acts distance them from others and cause disruptions. They may not talk directly but rather through mediators or a go-between.
Envy has been described by the psychologist Abraham Tesser, people are indeed unhappier when a close friend succeeds in a personally relevant domain than when a stranger does. It makes a difference when the successful person is not any stranger but a close friend with whom one shared everything. Envy is hazardous in the sense it hampers the efficiency of the individual which consecutively influences the organizational efficacy.
The authors have suggested numerous means to stop the downward spiral, everyone cannot be generous to accept the beauty and smarter characteristics in other's personalities, but in order to be progressive one has to cultivate the spirit of generosity and calm down the voice of envy. To fulfill such acts it is essential to pinpoint the facts that make one envious, analyze self to remain focused, one must not spotlight on others but one has to recognize emotional triggers and accomplishments, such acts enhance self-confidence. Sharing and promoting subordinates builds up excellent teamwork and contribute towards organizational development along with personal development. In order to overcome envy, one must realize what is scarce and limit comparisons and linguistic triggers.
The whole motive of the article is to enhance the personality in order to be progressive and successful. Although, through this article, authors have tried to focus on the cause of envy and suggested the methods to overcome envy, however, it requires a lot of spiritual sense to beat the feeling of envy. It is a part of human nature, some may take it as a challenge while others may promote unhealthy practices to be ahead in the race, a personal choice cannot be overruled. The article does not discuss the widespread competition and to prove one's worth people adopt fallacies to please their bosses and stride ahead. This not only promotes corruption and bribe but also impedes humanity, yet the article is fine for self-analysis and self-assessment. Read More
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Envy at Work by T. Menon and L. Thompson Article.
“Envy at Work by T. Menon and L. Thompson Article”.
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