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Write a five paragraph about this poem - - Essay Example

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The poem ‘Behind Grandmas House’ has been written by Gary Soto and is about a little boy of around ten year’s age, who tried to portray himself as harsh and tough until his grandmother tackles him. The main character in this poem has severe cravings for consideration from…
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Write a five paragraph essay about this poem -
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"Write a five paragraph about this poem -"

Download file to see previous pages These rebellious deeds lead to accidental achievement of hostility. He did everything to gather everybody’s attention. He has been portrayed as kicking fences to show a lot of turmoil created by him. As all he desired, was that he should be noticed by everyone and his misbehavior gets acknowledged.
If we look back into our childhood experiences, we may find a similar child in our own selves. The child acts exhibit his carefree nature and the confidence that he won’t be penalized for such behavior like any other grand child may think. The first six lines of the poem show the little boy’s aspiration, aim and ultimate goal to earn fame. But his acts revealed that his direction was not towards earning respect among others but to achieve the title of a stubborn and difficult kid. The defame boy wanted to earn was through irritating all the creatures on earth.
He disturbs neighbors, teachers, pets, and tiny creatures like ants to let everything notice his behavior and feel frustrated, irritated and frightened by his attitude. He wanted to exercise his authority over others as he considered himself to be invincible. Making noise in the street by bursting bulbs and dispersing garbage by kicking trash cans were the ways through which boy’s desire of getting defamed would have been achievable. But the grandma considered his behavior to be unbearable and tried to teach him values through a little punishment, so that he might learn to respect and recognize his mischievous behavior.
Although the boy has been portrayed as being a troublemaker to the whole neighborhood, it can be deducted that he has such thoughts as tough kids are considered famous, respectful, loveable and authoritative by people. It seems like Gary tried to portray himself in this poem in the character of the little stubborn boy who showed his arrogance at the backyard of his grandmother’s house. The grandmother appearance in the poem is portrayed to teach the kid difference between good and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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