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Research problem statements outline and convey in a brief set-up of a problem for the reader to comprehend what will be achieved by the research, how the research study connects with the topic and the literature review, and the reasons why the research is important in…
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Characteristics of Research Problems
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Download file to see previous pages There are many sources that may lead to research.   Three sources of knowledge usually add to problem discovery.  Researchers own experience or other researchers experience may be a source of research problem.  Scientific literature could be another source of research problem. 
A researcher may understand certified findings and observe that a certain discipline was not well covered.  This might lead to a researchable research problem.  Theories could lead to a research problem. In that the shortcomings in theories might be researchable. Research can therefore be intended at descriptive or substantiating a presented theory, at expounding conflicting findings, at amending a defective methodology, at amending the insufficient or inappropriate use of numerical techniques, at integration of contradictory opinions, or at providing solutions at existing realistic problems.
The potential researcher does think of what influenced his or her need to conduct the research which is referred to as problem identification. The researcher thinks of what he/she needs to do: the researcher should think of the questions about research problem to which responses and findings have not been established.
According to Winston-Bartlett (2001), research problem develops from a necessity that arises.  An apparent difference between the research problem and the purpose of research should be developed.  The research problems are the characteristic the researcher doubts, reflect about, and needs to find an explanation for.  The research purpose is to resolve the problem, which is discovering answers to the research question(s).  If there is no unambiguous research problem development, the research purpose and methods are pointless.
Therefore, the researcher ought to’s to keep the following in mind; (1) Sketch out the wide-ranging ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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