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The paper 'Selection Criteria For Offset Project' presents the climatic conditions around the globe which have changed with devastating prospects for life. Regardless of the driving forces, industry players have a duty to reduce the impact of carbon emission…
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Selection Criteria For Offset Project
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The carbon sequestration is a ‘green’ image improvement methodology with a multi-faceted inbuilt arsenal for cost reductions. A 500,000 Carbon Credits award worth $8 million over a period of 4 years plus an additional leeway to buy a further $1 million credits is a well-orchestrated move of meeting targets at low costs with an added advantage of selling credit allowances to boost profits. The Merrill Lynch carbon farming imitative embedded with ‘development benefits’ to the society is of particular importance as it markets the Merrill Lynch brand as charitable, poverty alleviating investment thereby instilling loyalty among the company clients.
From the information provided, the newly Merrill Lynch adopted model will largely fund the Government’s alternative citizenry projects and forest conservation activities in Ulu Masen. Intuitively, their voluntary willingness to reduce carbon emissions might be a strategy to mitigate the impact and severity of unforeseen or an already mooted future regulation (Taiyab, 2006). All other factors held constant, the present value of the amount invested in this imitative presents a supernormal advantage to the company with an extra beneficial avenue set to emerge after the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol at the end of this year. Europe and Japan are among the world’s greatest carbon emitters into the atmosphere, and the opportunity to trade Merrill Lynch carbon credits in these Diaspora markets is perhaps a golden moment in waiting. Read More
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(Selection Criteria For Offset Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 415 Words)
Selection Criteria For Offset Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 415 Words.
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