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The paper 'The Aspect of Communication' focuses on the community which is quite characteristic of norms that, when it comes to general views or opinions on matters of common interest, we are more likely to form social attitudes and standards based on these norms…
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The Aspect of Communication
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Apparently, I perceive my community as an important ‘sum’ to look at or respond to and in return, it also collects to itself from our individual ideas that share similar attributes and become responsible for the identity of our common sphere and necessary law which everyone is drawn to follow in the course of nature despite diversity in lifestyles we possess.
In this regard, I can thus envision a future role in contributing to enhance the aspect of communication for the community in order that one’s insights and feelings are conveyed properly in the light of truth from which to recognize the real value of a member according to stable measures. For me, communication is amply indispensable that it makes me consider being designated in a teaching profession whereby I attain to the capacity of educating the youth with knowledge that is not only rich in colorful literature and good vocabulary, but even with values and application of the literary lessons yielded in the process to create inspiration for the rest of humanity to act righteously and joyfully at the same time. I believe that, in this manner, every motivation and learning spread via effective communication of wisdom taught would, with much certainty, improve the status of our community in the hope of advancing to a higher level of economic and social growth. Read More
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The Aspect of Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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