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Youth justice - Essay Example

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This essay "Youth justice" analyses several Australian social organizations with a primary focus other than youth justice were discussed in case studies examining their effect on criminality arising from the pursuit of their primary goals. …
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Youth justice
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Extract of sample "Youth justice"

Youth justice
Several Australian social organizations with a primary focus other than youth justice were discussed in case studies examining their effect on criminality arising from pursuit of their primary goals. The object was for the student to select 3 of these and grade them as a tutor would. My selections and grades are as follows.
1) “I” (Gold Coast Drug Council Inc.) 80%
2) “G” (Zig Zag) 75%
3) “B” (The Smith Family) 70%
Grading Rationale
I was very impressed with “I” (Gold Coast) because it not only provided theoretical arguments for the success of its’ programs, but also statistical proof such as lower offending rates for criminals graduating from the program compared with those who did not . The essay starts out by clearly establishing through the referenced literature the link between drug addiction and criminal offending. It then moves seamlessly into a discussion of the history of Gold Coast and its’ various programs for both criminal offenders and non offenders and the distinctions between them. Quotes from satisfied consumers also document the programs’ effectiveness. Finally in spite of limitations primarily due to funding limitations, the writer emphasizes the strength of Gold Coast in its’ holistic approach with attention paid to underlying issues of education, family support and mental health.
I gave “G” (Zig Zag) a high grade largely because of the initiative of the writer in visiting the site and interviewing the staff as well as reviewing the relevant literature, in order to get a first hand impression of its’ service. Another strong point of this essay is that it makes a compelling argument for Zig Zag promoting a reduction in not only criminal offending but also in victimization, which in the case of Zig Zags’ clientele often necessarily causes the former, since it is a feminist organization providing subsidized shelter to young women often handicapped by histories of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, poverty , low education, drug and alcohol use, homelessness and desperation, factors which are often interlinked. The essay describes in detail how Zig Zag helps women empower themselves to overcome the obstacles to fulfilling lives.
Finally I gave “B” ( The Smith Family) a good grade because it makes a good argument for the role of education in lessening temptations for criminal activity. The Smith Family provides continuing scholarships for underprivileged children as long as certain standards of attendance and grades are met. The author emphasizes this by referring to studies which show a link between criminality and low education levels Also he shows through the literature linkages between poor parenting skills and disadvantaged immigrants and criminality and how these problems are addressed in The Smith Family programs. Read More
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