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In the essay “Response Ability Pathways” the author discusses the question of how we react and respond to members belonging to a group, community or society when they cause others pain and suffering is something difficult to fathom. Our experience in facing such a situation has two sides…
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Response Ability Pathways
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According to (Zehr, H. 2002) ‘A leader in restorative approaches contends the core value that must govern our approach to human conflict is respect…..’ If people are taught how to respect and help others, then the world would definitely be a better place to live. The teaching of core values would go a long way in helping to build a peaceful and harmonious community and society which is devoid of fear or hatred. Youth coming from weakly bonded families tend to build subcultures and get exploited by people who use them for nefarious purposes such as crimes involving drugs, violence, murder and many other bad purposes. Such people break away from their bonds and exclude themselves from society. These people also face rejection and alienation and go on towards hurting themselves as well as the people in their society.
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Response Ability Pathways Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 343 Words.
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