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Response Ability Pathways: Restoring Bonds of Respect - Assignment Example

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This research will begin with the statement that the childcare education has been given substantial importance at different forums. The focus on childcare education is to such an extent the international agencies including UN is committed towards the child development programs…
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Response Ability Pathways: Restoring Bonds of Respect
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher would consider a child who has received impartial warmth and affection from his parents and family. The child is the victim of ignorance, and therefore his overall influence and participation in the social and family affairs is minimum. Under the Circle of Courage Philosophy, it is important to incorporate belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity in the child. The child shall have the sense of association and belonging, this will make a child more responsible and adaptable towards the society. The sense of leadership is the important trait of personality, and the child shall be trained to lead and play the significant role in the activity. It is important that child shall act independently; the emotions and actions of the child should be independent and should be based upon his personal understanding. It is important that under no circumstances, the child shall get under the influence of another person except for parents. The mentoring of parents is instrumental in inflicting the sense of leadership. The act of generosity is the important trait, it is important the child shall be protected from any unethical practices, and therefore a child who has observed the acts of generosity will eventually inherit the same quality. The generous child will ensure that the child has the social aptitude, and the child is cooperative at all levels. Such a trait will improve the socializing qualities of the child which is essential because the development of a child as an introvert model shall never be encouraged. It is important that the child is protected from the social injustice, alienation, vanity, and conviction. At every early stage of his early, the mind of the child is a fluid form which takes the shape of a bowl it is poured into; therefore it is important to be careful in the treatment of such child. It is important that such child shall be protected from a troubled and difficult situation. Often parents put their children in the troubled situation to assess their reaction and approach. This is an incorrect approach, it is recommended never to put the child under any test. With reference to this specific case of the neglected child, it is important that the child shall be given love and affection, rather such child shall be the hub of love and affection from all the family members, in particular, the parents. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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