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Kindergarten Students - Essay Example

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The essay “Kindergarten Students” focuses on the interaction among the adults, which is a conversation to discuss the issue of kindergarten students and the lack of basic courtesies and manners. This discussion is very focused on the various techniques used by the teachers…
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Kindergarten Students
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Extract of sample "Kindergarten Students"

The teachers have made a clear attempt to try and find out solutions, tactics, and techniques to help the students develop better manners and display courtesy. There is a clear tone of personal interest in the work they do and an urge to learn newer techniques. The teachers display how well they lead by example and how their style of talking and teaching can affect the learning process of the children as well.
There is a clear sense of responsibility and active listening among all the members in the video. The body language and the non – verbal communication displayed shows a genuine interest in the discussions and is portrayed by taking notes of essential parts of the discussion. All the participants have been very alert throughout the discussion and have displayed all the basic skills of active listening. The teachers also display understanding and empathy with fellow teachers and acknowledge the issues that they go through each day at work. This has been done in very simple actions like nodding their heads and taking notes of essential elements of the conversation and allowing the other to finish their statements rather than cutting the co-teachers off between sentences.
Active listening allows a person to listen intently to what is being said, either in groups or even one on one. A person who actively listens should be able to restate in their own words, what the speaker has spoken. This displays an understanding of the topic of discussion. The major skills that are involved in effective active listening include (StudyGS, 2009):
a) To be ‘other-directed’: It is essential for a listener to focus on what the speaker is communicating and to follow and understand the speaker’s point of view (StudyGS, 2009). It is essential to not only listen to what is being said but to also study body language and other senses to recognize the tone of the speaker.
b) Being ‘Aware’: It is important to note that the body language of a person can say a lot about the person and can also highlight the understanding in a discussion. Being an active listener requires the listener to use body language to let the speaker know that they are able to understand the discussion (StudyGS, 2009).
c) Being ‘Involved’: This is another essential aspect of active listening. Asking questions and directions highlight the attention and this encourages the speakers to see your interest (StudyGS, 2009). Read More
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(Kindergarten Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 533 words, n.d.)
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(Kindergarten Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 533 Words)
Kindergarten Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 533 Words.
“Kindergarten Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 533 Words”, n.d.
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