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Different Viewpoints in Relation to the Relationships - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Different Viewpoints in Relation to the Relationships' presents society which has its different perceptions of couples whilst one studies the varied domains. What this brings to light is the notion attached to relationships and how the same is viewed in a host of ways by the people…
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Different Viewpoints in Relation to the Relationships
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Extract of sample "Different Viewpoints in Relation to the Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages On the flip side, when they get married, all of them have a peculiar stance – a legal bond that is allowed by all societies of the world without any hindrance whatsoever. A couple that has been wed is usually given the cover and the space that it richly deserves. However, those people who are regularly dating and going out with their partners are seen from a very biased perspective. Therefore the need is to analyze where the missing link is coming about within the related settings and what best could be done in order to avoid the anomalies which essentially exist. First and foremost is the need to identify how couples from different cultural settings and races will be viewed within the fabric of any society in the world. There could be serious perceptions on the part of the people, and all of this needs to be studied in-depth in order to analyze where the society has gone wrong in coining its own agenda. A multicultural couple could be marred with problems which are not of their own making (Adams 1999). The friends and family members might pose serious queries as to why such issues should crop up in the first place and answers for such queries need to be prepared beforehand so that the discussion centers on the relevant discussion and nothing else prevails at the end. The variables that will be made use of in this paper include the family pressures which are thus the dependent variables. However, the independent variables could be the force of the friends, peers, colleagues and all those who are in a way related to this couple.
A multicultural couple is looked from a very naïve perspective by any society of the world. This is because people base their opinions on the past involvements that they had with the people who belonged to similar cultures or had some form of interaction with the people from those cultures that they aspired to belong to. This suggests that the mistake is not entirely theirs but the manner in which they have been involved with the other cultural manifestations over a period of time.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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