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The Implicit Definition of Culture as a Social Science Approach - Essay Example

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The reporter states that consequence of applying this definition is that this culture can be lost, once it is not been practiced in its native country and it might be “modified” with time and misplace its essence…
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The Implicit Definition of Culture as a Social Science Approach
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Download file to see previous pages Let’s say for instance an “American way” to make a Brazilian barbecue. It sounds better because it is not harming Brazilian traditions. Let’s take as an example the “Candomblé” – a cultural object that is an Afro-American religion practiced mostly in Brazil. To understand the “Candomblé” in Brazil, we would have to know three things; firstly its origin, secondly, the African Gods that are “possessed” during a religious ritual by its practitioners, and lastly, the impact that this religion has in the social world in Brazil. An application of cultural diamond could be made to this cultural object, which would enhance the ease of its understanding.
It can be stated that the people in Brazil are closer to nature than people in other countries because of the “Candomblé” or that the “Candomblé” make people in Brazil be closer to nature. Thus, the cultural object stands as the “Candomblé”, the creators are the “Candomblé” chiefs, receivers are the practitioners, while the social world includes everyone who is affected somehow by the “Candomblé”
1 – Listening stories to understand the history of a culture is a good way my opinion stands otherwise. The information may and probably will be changed over time. The tendency is not to preserve the culture in its essence but creates a new one based on its history. It is related to the reflection model in the following way: The culture changes because people change or, should I say people change because of the culture changes?
1- We might find vestiges of organic solidarity in the music business. A writer will compose the lyrics, the singer will perform, the band will play the instruments, the record company will record and publish the song and the audience will listen to and by the records.
One sacred symbol that comes to my mind is the picture of Iemanjá. She is a goddess, originally of the Yoruba religion, who has become prominent in many Afro-American religions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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