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It is true that whatever news we receive through media is in the interest of media owners, irrespective of the fact, what impact the news might have on the layman. The layman is at the mercy of the news boom of media waiting and switching channels to hear and get information and keep one updated with the current affairs of the world…
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Media Content
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Download file to see previous pages The news and events which shouldn't be given any media coverage are and importance are shown on televisions just to sizzle and provoke people to react against government, opposition party leaders or any set of lawyers, law enforcing agencies, police etc.
Coverage given to violence by media should also be curbed and banned but the media owners are minting money by showing harsh violence on television, giving away unique techniques to the terrorists to adopt cruel styles of inhuman acts. It is in their interest to show acts of barbarism as these clips of news excite and add flame to the existing chaotic societies.
Journalism is a very respectable profession. A student before choosing to enter this field should realize the importance of delivering the content of information that he/she has in a right possible manner, as not to inflict panic and confusion among people. The first and foremost quality of a journalist should be honesty, but at the same time he should also be aware of the act to covert and deliver his honesty in such a manner which if not acceptable to the common man at least it would not leave any hard feeling among them. There is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of a journalist. They are the people who even sometimes risk their lives to get news to the people.
Unfortunately threats to the journalists and kidnapping of them are becoming common practices these days by some influential personalities and even by terrorists. Journalists must have the tactics to be able to handle difficult situations, must have patience and should be able to produce reliable and authentic news.
In a country like Pakistan, which is in the category of developing countries, poverty and illiteracy are at their peak. No leader is sincere and just wants to fill their pockets in the shortest span of their tenure. Media can serve as an eye opener but unfortunately most of the journalists in such countries are at the mercy of media owners. The media owners are also under the influence and pressure of high-phi personalities, they have no option but to oblige to the interest of the pressures and they join hands with them exploiting the nation and not realizing the repercussion of showing news which are only in the interest of high officials.

There are no hard and fast policies in Pakistan as far as media is concerned. Many news channels have mushroomed up during the last decade. The root cause of the unrest of the political situation, economic crisis, problems arising due to people migrating from rural areas and settling down in urban areas for a better living, poverty and issues related to unemployment and illiteracy are not high lighted on news channels.

CNN and BBC are two international channels which impact authentic news, but the question here is how many people actually view these channels High illiteracy rate leaves very minimum viewers to view these channels, as the news imparted on these channels are in English; this problem mainly arises in third world countries like Pakistan. An English news channel for the first time is started in such a country known as "Dawn News" - Pakistan's first English news channel, but the problem persists the same. So the literacy rate being very low (especially in the third world countries) gives room to news that is in the interest of media owners with out questioning the source.

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