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The Idea of Attempting to Outlaw any Tastes or Lifestyles - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the idea of attempting to outlaw any lifestyles is in fact “oppressive”, but especially when viewed through the lens of the ideas of a philosopher such as Nietzsche. This is particularly the case when considering censorship through one of his most influential works, Beyond Good and Evil…
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The Idea of Attempting to Outlaw any Tastes or Lifestyles
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Extract of sample "The Idea of Attempting to Outlaw any Tastes or Lifestyles"

Download file to see previous pages What Nietzsche calls his “perspective on life” (p.5) reaches beyond “good and evil” and includes challenges to any idea of right/wrong and even criticism of institutions such as slavery which most humanistic philosophers regard as so beyond the pale that they are hardly worth commenting upon. For Nietzsche, any attempt at foisting a “conventional morality” upon the people would be anathema, unless one did it through sheer force of the “will to power” (1968, p.1). However, it seems likely that Nietzsche would argue that such a person would be highly unlikely to subscribe to “conventional morality” as the very manner by which he had gained power would have discarded such ideas long ago. The most basic challenge to the idea that conventional morality should rule over minority tastes is within his concept of the “Superman”. This Superman is an individual who enables a society to live up to its true potential by rejecting the idea of some kind of transcendent God who possesses unchanging values. These values are a way of limiting and subjugating people according to Nietzsche, what society needs is “a real individual who creates values which are firmly rooted in the everyday changing world . . . this is someone who, but trusting his own intuitive sense of what is good and evil, succeeds better than any other”. This Superman is, in fact, the diametric opposite of the conventional values – he is not only a minority, but he is also a minority of one. According to Nietzsche, the more people believe something, the less likely it is to be a genuine and sincere way of living. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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