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Liberalism - Article Example

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Liberalism is simply one of the philosophies of political science. It emphasises on the main objective of politics which is individual liberty. This means that it emphasises on educating people on their rights. Liberalists on the other hand are people who advocate for all the policies of individual rights…
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Liberalism Article
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Download file to see previous pages Liberalism can lead to the formation of revolutions against the current authority in a particular country. Examples are the French revolution and the Orange revolution in Ukraine (Gary, 2001, pp. 15-23).
Liberalism on the other hand, can be linked with democracy whereby citizens of a country have a right to choose the person to lead the country. They also have a right to ask the government to change some of the laws and policies that they find to be very detrimental to their own lives. Liberalists can also be identified as radicals. They are always against what the authority is setting up as long as it abuses human rights. They can lead to the formation of rebel groups that are usually against the government in power. This can lead to dividing the country in two thus civil wars. Though, it should be noted that the radicalism is not directly linked to liberalism because sometimes the radicals have their own self interests and not the peoples' interest at heart. Post-modern liberalism gained dominance in very many developed countries after the Second World War. This was enhanced by numerous liberal writers who had different philosophies emphasising on human rights (Oliver, 2002, pp. 7-20).
International relations can be defined as joining up of different states for the sake of enhancing global development. Liberalism has its own views on international relations. ...
Liberalism looks at the state actions in plurality unlike realism that looks at it in unitary terms. It does not concentrate in politics and economic issues only but also commercial firms and organisations (Chris, 2001, pp. 29-32).

International relations groups are like the European Union and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). The two groups mostly deal with economic issues within the areas they are situated in. the European Union was joined for the sake of forming a Central Bank that would be in charge of making monetary policies within the European countries in the treaty. This led to the formation of the Euro currency which is being used by the fifteen European countries. Its main aim is to enable easy transactions of goods and services among the countries. More so, it will avoid unfair monetary policies that can lead to some European countries gaining more and others lose economically. The European Union Central Bank system controls economic issues such as inflation that lead to unemployment by setting up monetary policies that can stabilise the fifteen economies without making others better of and some worse of. This helps in the stabilisation of prices for goods and services that reduces the exploitation of any government through unfair price systems. It has the responsibility of looking at the foreign reserve to ensure that the governments of the respective countries do not misuse them (Emmanuel, 2003, pp. 120-145). For this reason the liberalists are very much for the international relations because they mostly advocate for fair distribution of resources within entities and thus try to make the economic status of the individuals at the grassroots level better of (Mark, 2005, pp. 56-64).

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