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Dark Tourism - Article Example

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In the recent past there has been development of the tourism industry which has been diversifying day after day. Dark tourism has been one of the tourism sectors that have been developing where there has been an urge to learn about atrocities and other issues that have happening in the past…
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Dark Tourism
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Download file to see previous pages This dark tourism attraction sites serves an important sites that remind the world what happened in Rwanda and therefore it is a good source of learning. However there are various ethical issues that surround these camps in Rwanda
The tourism sector has been one of the rapidly growing economic sectors in the world. There has been increased number of tourists who have been visiting one place to the other. The increased wave of globalization has seen the growth of tourism sector in a large number fuelled by the revolutionized modes of transport and other supportive services in the world.
The growth in tourism has seen increased diversification of tourist activities in the world. From the traditional form of holiday tourism or leisure tourism which has been the main activity taking place in this sector, there has been development of other forms of tourism activities like business tourism, education tourism, medical tourism, and many other. This diversification has been increasing to the diversification of knowledge that the world has been undergoing with time. There have been other reasons that have led to the development of other forms of tourism. For example the development of cultural tourism has been shown to be due to the increased interaction of people which has increased their knowledge of culture of other communities. The increased interaction has led to development of cultural tourism as people work to learn the culture of other people. (Best and Kellner, 2001)
But there has also been the development of dark tourism which is one of the most recent developments in the industry. Though it has been practiced before, it is only recently that it has started to attract the attention of the scholars who have been trying to unravel the mystery behind the boom in dark tourism. There has been increased travel to sites which have been considered horrible earlier and which had been avoided by many people for long time. (Henderson, 2000)
What is dark tourism'
Dark tourism has been defined as the act of traveling and visiting sites, attraction and exhibition which has in the past been associated with death, suffering or macabre which is seen as their main theme. This is tourism of areas that are considered to have beet main cites on atrocities, disasters, death and other forms of suffering for the human race. There have been increased travels to the death fields of Cambodia, to the Katrina site, to Darfur death regions, and to other sites that are historically considered to have been sties of what is considered negative to the society. (Seaton, 1999)
Death, atrocities, and disasters in form of tourist attraction are becoming pervasive features in the tourism landscape. There have been increasing number of people who have been applying to travel to former sites of war and battles, where there has been organized violence leading to loss of life, and other areas. It is like organized violence is being brought back to life by tour guides who give account of heroes, tragedy and other personal experiences like torments when the actual event was happening. There have been increase visit of Ground Zero which marks the site of mass murder and carnage of terrorism activity of September 11, Orleans sites of Katrina, Gulags of the Soviet Union former genocide sites like in Rwanda, Auschwitz-Birkenau or the killing fields of Cambodia and many other sites which were earlier horrible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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