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Theory of War - Essay Example

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This essay will address the nature of war. More particularly, it will define the concept with reference to leading theorists, it will set forth a set of causal factors which are relevant to the commencement of war, it will discuss some common characteristics of war, and it will demonstrate how war is won…
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Theory of War
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Theory of War

Download file to see previous pages... The further back in time one goes, the broader the definitions tend to be. Cicero defined war as simply "a contention by force" and Grotius argued quite generally that "war is the state of contending parties, considered as such" (Moseley, The Philosophy of War: np). Thus, early definitions leaned towards a more generalized notion of conflict among groups and parties. The theory of war was refined by Carl von Clausevitz, by implication, when he wrote rather famously that, "war is the continuation of politics by other means" (On War, 1909: np). Politics, being the province of organized states, suggests that war had become limited to state actors to the exclusion of lesser struggles and conflicts. This may be a slight overstatement, but the historical trend has been to define war by reference to states or countries.
John Keegan, a military historian, was a major proponent of the "political-rational theory of war" (Moseley, The Philosophy of War: np). He defined war in a very mechanical and formulaic manner. This definition was based on four basic assumptions. First, war is a relatively orderly endeavor with countries as the combatants. Second, because the combatants are countries rather than non-state or pre-state actors, the participants are easily and readily identifiable. A third feature of war is that there is an identifiable commencement of the war and an identifiable conclusion to the war. The final feature is a significant degree of obedience and deference by subordinates to the demands of superiors. To be sure, by restricting his definition to countries, and by limiting war to conflicts with clearly identifiable beginnings and ends, Keegan excludes a great variety of conflict which might otherwise seem to be war in the common understanding of the concept.
Consequently, it becomes necessary to distinguish a number of conflicts from the definition of war. There are, for instance, stateless hill tribes whom live on the northern border of Thailand. They have been in an almost constant state of conflict with the military government of Myanmar since the end of World War Two. This conflict, however, does not satisfy Keegan's definition because there is only one country fighting a stateless group. There are also conflicts, such as in the former Yugoslavia, which are characterized for political reasons as humanitarian interventions rather than war (Ficarrotta, np). America's occupation of Vietnam was declared a police action rather than a war; and, yet, there were a variety of countries involved. The question, therefore, becomes whether to classify war as an ultimate conflict involving countries or whether to incorporate every possible type of rebellion, skirmish, and uprising. For purposes of this essay, it will be argued that war is primarily concerned with combat between and among countries. A caveat, however, is that where states are torn by substantial and continuous civil strife, such as in the Koreas, the definition of war still holds. In addition, where peoples, because of historical claims or because of legitimate aspirations, initiate conflict for the purposes of obtaining statehood, then the conflict can also rise to the level of war. Conflicts in southern Thailand and East Timor are examples of these types of conflicts.
Motivations and Causal Factors
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Just War Theory
Orend defines war as intentional, actual, and widespread-armed strife between antagonistic political communities. The war in the views of Orend does cover intercommunity, robbery or terrorism fights. However, many cases of war have been witnessed in many nations (a group of people sharing similar beliefs).
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It is widely agreed upon that a nuclear war, if it happens, would produce this result. The threat that stronger nations pose to the sovereignty of smaller nations is also one of the greatest problems that faces mankind at this point of time in history. For the purpose of acquiring resources and also for the age-old purpose of conversions, countries may turn loose aggression on countries that may be unable to defend themselves from such an onslaught.
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Just War tradition was developed by many Christian theologians and Christianity had its own very specific concept of warfare and the way it should be conducted. Just war is rooted on high morals, good principles, exalted ethics, and intense desire to take the right path, honesty and impartiality.
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According to just war, specific war can be justified or classified as just if it meets certain conditions. Just war defines war as a war that is really against military aggression or its threat. It also refers to an intentional threat that is serious in nature. It is also defined in other words as a war that includes the intervention of human rights.
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Moral Theory of War
According to the author of the text, though war can not be presumed as intrinsically good, if it is the only way to uphold the ethics and morals of life then the betterment of the long term from war is morally sound and justified. As the professor Ross puts it, the productivity of maximum good is not what makes all actions right.
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