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Post-Modernity - Essay Example

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Modern views and innovative contemporary ideas are all appreciated in this altered yet swift day and age with all the transitions in our social, political, professional and personal lives which is nothing but a representation of an ideal contemporary society…
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Extract of sample "Post-Modernity"

Download file to see previous pages It is notable to understand how these alterations bringing about the true essence of modernity has affected the way we think and perceive along with our lifestyle and the core forces that give relationships its animated form. It is believed and witnessed quite apparently that the modern era is all about the fluidity, stabilization and inter-relatedness between individuals, group identities and distinct institutions which has never been this great before.
The same attributes of the modern age are the negativities of it which can be seen in the form of failed co-ordination between supposedly united populations which makes it impossible for the people to aim for a collective decision to come up with a solution to resolve numerous problems faced by the contemporary societies. The modernity and the related sources have created the required linkages which were considered as impossible back in time but at the same time and manner it has almost destroyed the strength of linkage between individuals and the basic interaction and problem-solving tactics which were abundantly present and strongly relied upon in the societies back in antiquity. All these notions and perceptions are related to the term 'Post-modernity' which can well define the after math of modernism and advancement introduced in each sphere of life along with an understanding of how it has transformed and shaped our social, political, cultural and personal aspects of life. The modern age with its expansion and advancement in nearly every field has given birth to new ideas and perceptions such as the expansion of capitalism, industrialization, urbanization, distinct notions of state development, political democracy and other political perspectives with the expansion of scientific technology and many other revolutionary changes which has assisted immensely in giving shape to our modernistic perceived society.

The changing trends and perceptions:

The after affects of extreme modernity and various trends followed by contemporary societies have been able to create an apparent barrier between the projection of the eminence of tradition and customary activities and the people who are too fast to realize the importance of culture and discipline in this swift yet innovative age. The biggest instance in order to understand this situation and perhaps the barrier that has been able to sustain since the time modernity stepped into our lives is that of the 'festival of Britain' which has been a part of Britain's culture since the year 1951 and has been successfully projecting and promoting the natural essence of their nationality. The festival of Britain is a national festival which is exhibited at the South Bank site and London of the River Thames nearby the Waterloo station since its inception. This festival preserves England's architecture, scientific innovations and industrial expansion all in the form of different exhibitions held at different locations giving quite the taste of their national prosperity and talent. This festival was a breakthrough by Gerald Reid Barry and the Labor deputy leader back at that time Herbert Morrison who acknowledged this festive activity as a mollifying step towards recovery of the Great Britain together after the horrifying World War II. This festival is purely dedicated to cherish the national pulchritude and how it brings the Great Britain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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