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Fallacies, Assumptions and Arguments - Essay Example

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This paper contains answers on different questions about education. It includes the various meaning of fallacies. It argues also about the quality og education nowadays…
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Fallacies, Assumptions and Arguments
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Extract of sample "Fallacies, Assumptions and Arguments"

Download file to see previous pages Slippery slope: This fallacy occurs because the arguers believes that if the first step is taken, it would lead to the last.
How can Clinton be leading this country! He's a draft-dodging, pot-smoking, womanizer!!
Attacking the person: In this fallacy, the arguer attacks the person instead of proving against him on the sound judgment.
Michael Jordan wore that brand, so those must to be the best basketball shoes.
Appeal to Authority: In this type of fallacy, the arguer tries to convince on the basis of an influential person and convince that the act is valid because that authority also does that act.
The difference in the outcome was Jefferson's missed field goal. If he had put it through, we'd be going to the Super Bowl.
Fact hypothesis: In this fallacy, the arguer tries to argue with an unreasonable degree of certainty.
Don't ignore the woman who gave you birth, raised you, loved you then, and loves you still. Remember your mom on Mother's Day.
Appeal to emotion: This is an emotional appeal rather than based on any solid reason
So what if I didn't claim all of the money I earned on my taxes Lots of people underreport their income.
Two wrongs make a right: The arguer is trying to prove a wrong argument on the basis of another wrong assumption
Each argument commits only one fallacy, and each fallacy is only used once.
False analogy
Appeal to authority
Post hoc ergo propter hoc
Attacking the person
Two wrongs
Non sequitur
False dilemma
Black and white (slippery slope)
Hasty generalization
Contrary-to-fact hypothesis
Ad ignorantium
Appeal to emotion
1. How do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking...
The paper discusses how do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking. Assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking to the essentials of the logical argument comprising of validity, truth, and soundness. Critical thinking is the evidences of judgment and of methods which are applicable for problem solving and collecting ideas being intellectual or emotional. This kind of thinking and its practices; develops a reliable and proportionate evaluation which are related to the beliefs of us. Skepticism, dogmatism and reason over faiths are rational to the wish thinking. As per for the logical and empirical ideas and their acceptances are emotional and all reasons are separate. The paper contains the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to the area of logical syllogisms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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