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As such, Microsoft advertizes why the public sector can offer useful lessons about the topic as opposed to modern enterprises. In addition, Microsoft attempts to sell strategies it considers…
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Logical Fallacies; Argument Structure
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Security Lessons from the Public Sector In the contemporary world, cyber security is the major concern formost organizations. As such, Microsoft advertizes why the public sector can offer useful lessons about the topic as opposed to modern enterprises. In addition, Microsoft attempts to sell strategies it considers the best in enhancing cyber security. It offers structural analysis to develop transformational security programs that would be effective for corporations.
The advertisement is comprehensive and explains the reason cyber security is a concern to many organizations. However, the advertisement is laden with myriad fallacies. It creates the notion that the public sector entities are knowledgeable on cyber security issues as compared to modern enterprises because of the period of service covered (over a decade). Appeal to belief is evident in that assumption because Microsoft attempts to rule out the viability of enterprises in tackling cyber security because they are modern organizations. The target market gets the impression that the ‘older’ company stands a better chance to handle cyber security issues. In addition, Microsoft claims that public sector entities have tackled multiple national and local threats; hence, stand a better chance to handle cyber security threats. Such an assumption indicates misleading vividness. Despite having the experience with cyber security concerns, Microsoft ought not to rule out modern enterprises in their attempt to handle such concerns. Modern enterprises can offer a lesson to the public sector entities regardless of their period of operation. In the advertisement, Microsoft employs an appeal to fear by claiming that tables may have turned when it comes to matters of security best practices. Such an assumption attempts to overrule the general belief that public sector entities can derive important lessons from modern enterprises. The target market gets the impression that though the modern enterprises offer valuable lessons to public sector entities, the public sector entities are invincible in matters of cyber security.
Logical fallacies exist in every research or argument. People utilize logical fallacies to satisfy their arguments; hence, establishing subjective arguments and judgments. However, it is important to be aware of logical fallacies. In the Microsoft advertisement, the company attempts to market its security services to the target market. With the increase in cyber security threats, individuals and organizations worry about the security of their databases and key technologies. Microsoft acknowledges the ‘fear’ and utilizes it to obtain an edge over other telecommunication and software companies. The appeal to fear is used to ensure that the products offered are appealing to the potential market (Richert). For example, Microsoft states that it has transformational security programs. Everyone would opt for their services to mitigate the risk of cyber security threat. Such an appeal to fear brings about the slippery slope argument. In an attempt to avoid a cyber attack (point D), it is better to obtain security programs rather than attempt to utilize private security programs from modern enterprises (point A). Therefore, to avoid point D, individuals and organizations must avoid point A; hence, the slippery slope argument (Richert).
By avoiding fallacies, individuals and organizations would make objective judgments towards obtaining effective security programs. Without ruling out products from Microsoft, it is important that companies advertize on grounds of honesty and intellectual arguments. However, companies are here to make profits. Therefore, it is up to the target market to be aware of fallacies to avoid purchasing sub-standard security programs that cannot handle the current technological capacities.
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