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Canadian and American Culture - Essay Example

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The paper 'Similarities and Differences between Canadian and American Culture' deals various topics from administration, government, politics, people, culture, laws and a debatable issue such as abortion also in this regard at length quoting various sources and statistics…
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Canadian and American Culture
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Download file to see previous pages All of the above mentioned aspects are of utmost importance to both cultures. Only through profound scrutiny of these aspects can the underlying cultural similarities and differences be ascertained, thus leading to a true comprehension of beliefs, social forms, attitudes, values and goals of each country.
Bryant, A. (1997) noted that "Canada is like a village or town in many ways, even though it is the second largest country in the world" (p.27) followed by the United States. As per the CIA government website (2005) Canada's population is 32,805,041 as compared to 295,734,134 of United States, thus Canada has only eleven percent of the population of United States.
According to the Eyewitness travel guide (2000) "Canada is well known for its diversity of landscapes: from the frozen barren north that descends to the mountains west with its forest and wheat plains, through the wooded, hilly east, and the fertile lowlands of the southeast" (p.18). The geography of the United States is equally diverse having a beautiful landscape. While, Little (2003) noted that the farmlands of Midwestern United States and the prairies in the central provinces of Canada have a rich soil (p78).
According to a detailed comparative study by James, I.(1990) half of the Canadian population comprise of British and French origin, while the rest belong to minorities with German, Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Dutch, American Indian and Inuit decent. Whereas in the United States about 83 percent of the people are of European origin, 12 percent Africans and the rest include American Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Mexicans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans (p.9).
According to Brickenden, J. (1989) 90% of Canadians live in cities (p.18) whereas James (1990) stated that only 74% of Americans live in cities or large towns (p.10). New immigrants to both countries are drawn to the larger cities for a multitude of reasons and therefore the growth of Canadian and American cities is astounding.
Most people think that Canada is a land of cold temperatures, but in reality Canada experiences four seasons parallel to the ones in many of the northern states of the United States. Nevertheless winters can be very callous in the northern parts of Canada. On the other hand in the United States huge variation in weather conditions could be observed, from tropical weather in Hawaii and Southern Florida to seasons similar to that of Southern Canada in the northeastern states.
Both the Canadian and American geography is varied, exquisite and plays an integral role in the culture of each country. The culture of those living in Hawaii is obviously dissimilar from the culture of those living in the New York City. Similarly the culture of those living in Toronto is varied from that of the Inuit people in the far north of Canada. A combination of these cultures greatly influences the culture of each country. Historically American (British Colonies) fought to be free of British ruling and therefore the cultural divide on many levels can be traced back all the way through history.
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Canadian and American Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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