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Gay Culture from a Sociological Perspective - Essay Example

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Instructor: Gay culture from a sociological perspective: A lot of researchers have posed the theory that in actuality a lot of gays in the contemporary culture are posed as affluent middle class people. They usually have stable incomes, are in a committed relationship and can be seen raising a child together…
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Gay Culture from a Sociological Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages It is undoubtedly harder for people in minorities or belonging to a lower class to express themselves and come out living freely. There is a relationship between social class and expression of sexuality. The first and most important factor is economics. For well off people it is easier to find places that are more accepting of them, they have resources to understand and live their lives better. There is also an increased acceptance of gay people in semi urban and urban areas, which all require at least a middle class income. Nature of work is also important as it is in these areas working environment will be more different, more accepting. Organizations such as these are open minded, have modernized their way and are thereby paying and taking care of their employees in a good manner. For working class population there is less choice and they will face a lot of bias. Also since development of relationships is often based on what one has experienced during childhood, working class is less likely to come from a stable relationship as statistics have shown divorce rates to be higher there. Working class men would be expected to be in less long term relationships while gay people are usually seen as committed together for a long time and raising a family. Another thing is that in working class, the heterosexuality of a male is seen as a powerful force, a sign of masculinity so they would be expected to engage more with women. French-English language debate in Canada: Social sciences in Canada clearly reflect the divide between the two major national groups. This difference has also translated in sociological and cultural difference. The Canadian society is seen as less consumerist, more stable and proud of their nationality while the English speaking is seen as more liberal and more materialistic. French-Canadians are also more religious with the majority being Catholic and raising a large family. This dual character is somewhat confusing to the national identity as not a single one exists; however this does promote important thought provoking exchanges and debates. Two different academic communities also exist in Canada, one is Anglo-American and the other prefers the French connection. Sociology appeared in English-Canadian universities at the start of 20th century, those who taught sociology were often importing British and American approaches to teaching. They also tended to have secular teachings. The focus and nature of the French-Canadian sociology was different from the rest of Canada. They were more religious and moralistic in nature and focused on social problems. After 1960s everything was more professionalized and mostly foreign nationals like Americans were brought in which is why the whole Canadian sociology became US-oriented. Though the debate between languages still exists, Canadians do survive with both as national languages. Multiculturalism in Canada: There is popular support for multiculturalism in Canada, the nation does welcome immigrants. None of the major political parties have taken a non immigration stand. A lot of Canadians show confidence about ethnic relations in Canada. However the global anxiety about multiculturalism is worsening and Canada is no longer immune to it. The sociological arguments posed against multiculturalism are that it increases in isolation of immigrants, increases religious radicalization and results in groups being formed that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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