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The Differences between Canada and the US Political Ideologies - Essay Example

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The two countries share a common border, and language. These countries operate a free market between them. The extent of this relationship has spread to politics and aspects of governance…
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The Differences between Canada and the US Political Ideologies
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Extract of sample "The Differences between Canada and the US Political Ideologies"

Download file to see previous pages This essay will study the Canadian society, politics and the political culture to analyze Grants description of Canada (Grant, & Potter 2005). 
Canada’s future in many ways has always been interconnected with that of the U.S. Most Canadians have slowly been Americanized by the U.S. Many American people when asked to describe the country that they view as their “best friend” in international issues, most people will describe the British. The main reason they name Britain is that they believe Canada is already part of the United States. The United States has invested more than $300 million in Canada, meaning that more than half of all foreign investment is American (Barker & Charlton 2012). The Canadians have also accepted the American culture. The Canadian society is dominated by American cultural features. This is evident by the Canadian entertainment industry. Most of the content on TV in Canada is directly imported from the United States. Canadians also watch American movies, read American magazines and literature. It’s easily acceptable that the Canadian society has been Americanized.
In politics, Canada is slowly adopting some aspects of the American political arena. Most of Canada’s political institutions reflect American politics. Such examples include federalism, the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. All these organizations bear a certain similarity to the Canadian politics. The Canadian military is also synchronized with the American military. More evidence of the Americanization of Canadian politics is evident during campaigns. Since the early 20th century, Canada has been nominating party flag bearers through large party conventions. This mirrors the American way of selecting a leader. Many Canadians believe that there is a deliberate attempt to convert the role of the Canadian prime minister to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Why Did George Grant Describe Canada in 1965 As Collapsed, Disappeared Essay”, n.d.
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gracieboyer added comment 11 months ago
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "Why did George Grant describe Canada in 1965 as collapsed, disappeared unable to be sovereign and impossible, and Canadian nationalism as having been defeated? Does the study of Canadian politics, society, and political cult" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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