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Structuration theory - Essay Example

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Anthony Giddens creator of the Structuration Theory explains in his theory,in response to the structural theories,the human structure is believed to be completely free to create their own environment.To explain the unique relationships that human agency seems to have with the institutions or structure as others dit a comparency is needed…
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Structuration theory
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Structuration theory

Download file to see previous pages... Anthony Giddens creator of the Structuration Theory explains in his theory,in response to the structural theories, the human structure is believed to be completely free to create their own environment. To explain the unique relationships that human agency seems to have with the institutions or structure as others dit a comparency is needed. In our societies so far many sociologist like Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber played a significant roll in their studies. They where able to formulate most influential theories in their times, where the Human element took various positions in each theory. Weber's primary focus was based on the subjective meaning that the human actor, in their mutual orientations like the social historical context, attached their actor to it. Weber used four types of social action, goal-oriented rational action, value-oriented, emotional and affective motivations and last the traditional action. Rational chosen according to Weber who believed the goal and means are chosen by the actor. The four
actions are used by Weber because they serve his theory, it permits him to use systematic typological distinctions (authority) and gives a basis for his investigation of the course of the Western historical development. Anthony Giddens thought that the delicate relationship between structure and agency in a society where in the macro and micro perspectives respectively. Politician Tony Blair has used his theory frequently among many other believers. ...
they where able to change their social realities and environment they live in.

With the environment being more urban the theory gives assistance to policy

maker and human geographers alike to understand the needs of the current

and future generations better. The cities role is crucial since the population

increases rapidly. The city provides economics, employment and healthy

lifestyle for citizen. But as it grows, we cannot lose sight of the consequences

of the rapid immigration to urban areas.

The basis of the theory of Structuration involves the identification of the relationship

between the individuals and the social forces that act upon us. In Giddens'

theory of Structuration he tries to balance the role that actors play with their

limited choice of position in history and in the social fabric they find themselves.

In his theory, Giddens proposes that people do not have entire preference of their

actions and their knowledge is restricted, nonetheless, are the element that

recreates the social structure and produces social change (Craib, 1992, pg.33).

Structuration, as with any theoretical issue, is suggested to have two significant

philosophical components; Ontology and Epistemology. Ontology is the theory that

suggests the existence of some phenomenon and the second, Epistemology,

emphasises the philosophical theory of knowledge; exploring a definition for a

phenomenon, recognising both its sources and establishing its limits

(Cloke, 1991, pg. 95). Giddens himself is more interested in proving the

duality between structure and agency the creating definitions of what exactly

is the cause of its existence.

As Giddens recommends structures like traditions, institutions, moral

codes etc are steady ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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