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All social research is political Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 3 References 7 Introduction Social research encompasses the wide range of issue which is important to the society. They represent an enormous challenges which exist in the society like the problems of globalisation, changes in cultures of survival and care which represents the issues faced by the common people of the society…
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All social research is political. Discuss
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Download file to see previous pages Most of the social research needs the helping hand of politics to carry forward their research. This report will look at how social research is affected by the political forces and whether it is motivated by them to carry out the research work. Discussion Man is a social animal. He is also a political being because politics cannot be separated from any civil society. The state is one of the most important aspects of the society. People in the civilised world are citizens of a country. The people send their representatives to form the government. The policies of the government would in turn result in the changes in the decision making of the people in a society. Therefore in any study that would be related to the society it is inevitable that the political aspects would be intertwined with the social aspects. The goal of a social science is to arrive at an inference out of a series of studies that is conducted over a subject of interest (Corbetta, 2003, pp. 73- 108). Thus most of the social researches aim at the interference from a given set of premises or position that the researcher holds. The objective of the social researcher is to convince the reader about the reason for his claim with the support of necessary facts and observations. In most cases several political reasons are put forwards by the researchers in support of the position arrived at. The reason behind the influence of politics in all the issues of social research is that most of the researchers take their stands or points on the basis of the political framework in which they operate. Thus the research itself has a political colour attached to it. Any changes in the political scenario would also have an effect on the society as a whole. Therefore the entire research objective might experience a transition (Galston, 2002, pp. 121-179). Social research in general sense is more focused towards finding a problem of the society and to address the situation or may simple provide a general idea out of the specific issues of the society. Political research on the other hand is more inclined towards the use and the content of the research that is being carried out. The political problems may be solved with the support of the social background on which the problem has occurred (Davis, 2005, pp. 243-296). This may be understood from the practice of the normative studies of Ancient Greece when the various problems of the society would be solved from the point of view of the political community. Thus the consistency of the social arguments could be established only when the political aspect was right countered in the entire process. The rights and freedoms enjoyed by the society can only be defined under the legitimacy of the authority of politics in the country. Along with that the duties of the citizens was also treated as a force that was binding due to political obligations (Geertz, 1973, pp. 319-371). Therefore, till the inception of sociology as a new branch of discourse, the study of the society took place in the eyes of political science. Hence social research had been aligned with political research. It is true that government and several public organizations used to conduct social research with great interest in order to gain positive research outcome in order to overcome several political problems. Government of a country used to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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