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Racial Profiling of as another Form Institutional Prejudice and Discrimination - Essay Example

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Racial Profiling as a Form of Institutional Prejudice and Discrimination Name Institution Racial Profiling as a Form of Institutional Prejudice and Discrimination Description of racial profiling It is the practice where law enforcement authorities or officers investigate certain groups of people chosen basing on their race…
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Racial Profiling of as another Form Institutional Prejudice and Discrimination
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Racial Profiling of as another Form Institutional Prejudice and Discrimination

Download file to see previous pages... How racial profiling fits into the field of sociology Given the meaning of sociology as a study of human social relationship as well as their institutions, racial profiling can best suit in this field. The field of Sociology is wide, ranging from religion to crime, from racial divisions and social class, from the family to the state, and from social harmony to radical change in the full societies. Racial profiling can thus fit here because it concerns with the matters of racial divisions and social harmony. The discrimination experienced in this social issue is founded on crime statistics, illustrating a unpleasant overrepresentation of minor groups to be doing most crimes. Racial profiling opposes the role of law enforcement, and start hatred and fear of law enforcement among the minorities, thus disturbing social stability (Massey, 2001). Sociological theories and terminologies from the text that apply to racial profiling Conflict theory The Racial profiling issue of sociology can be related to the conflict theory, whose basic idea is that society comprises of different people with different needs. The conflict theory says that some groups such as the police want to control the society when defining values, goals, and norms of society. Powerful people like the police and the whites control the right to form norms and to define what makes up criminal and unusual behaviour in societies with mixed races. Racial profiling relates to this theory in that, In the U.S particularly, the leading associations include mainly of white men who are still the majority in government offices and hence law officials who may sometimes use their powers to discriminate blacks when enforcing laws. Labelling theory Its basic idea is that those people who are at first considered as going against the society rules may continue behaving badly as a result of the person adjusting to changes in his or her self thought. A very important principle of labelling theory is the decision on which individuals are most likely to be labelled. According to theorists, the label may possibly be applied to some social groups at the expense of others, such as on blacks. In the same way as those in power are capable of defining what is or what is unusual, they also are capable of defining what social group is most exposed for labelling. Theorists argue that the groups most exposed to labelling are those having certain basic qualities that the groups with power view as the most suitable targets for labelling (Akers, 1994). Racial profiling can therefore be as a result of labelling among the police officers and the public. What is known and unknown about racial profiling The unequal treatment of minorities according to their race by the police is not a new idea at all. However, what is unknown is whether racial profiling is being used as a legal tool of law enforcement. Some people wonder if race is, or is not an issue in police judgment, while others argue that race is an issue that is right for use in profiling. Of most importance is the lack of knowledge on whether differences exists in treatment by race, as well as if this is regular with the believed purposes of using racial matters in criminal profiles. Maybe this is unknown to only a few, because racial profiling does exist in the U.S. Nevertheless, most people know very well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racial Prejudice and Discrimination in Indonesia
The main people affected by this racial bias are the ethnic Chinese. Discrimination against this portion of the population takes the form of violence, restrictive legislation and language use. In this context, the term race refers to a biological subspecies and it comprises of populations having distinct anatomical traits like skin, hair and eye color, facial features among others.
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Racial Profiling
The most potent factor under consideration across the globe lies in the sanctification of the system of Racial Profiling through the law enforcement. However, the acute shortcoming of the system of Racial Profiling lies in the fact that determination of an individual behavior should never be articulated or determined by the race or ethnicity to which the individual belongs.
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Racial Profiling
We will discuss in this paper what racial profiling is, how it can be avoided, and when it is legitimately used. Over many years, blacks and Hispanics have received more scrutiny than other races by law enforcement personnel. During the slave periods and thereafter, blacks were targeted for most crime.
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The term 'Institutional Racism' was introduced by Carmichael and Hamilton in 1968 and they saw it as 'an analytical tool to examine how institutions can operate along racist lines without acknowledging or even recognising this.' Institutional Racism is connected with organisations and institutions and is unconnected with individualistic views or behaviour.
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statistics on racial profiling United States appear to be far more accessible than they are here in Canada, the issue of racial profiling in this country has recently garnered much attention due to a media focus on the issue. With the aim of providing a thorough and
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Institutional discrimination is the unjust or unfair treatment of an individual by an institution such as a college, a company, corporation or even a government based on such factors as one’s gender, race, political aspirations among others. This treatment is unfair and indirect and aims at suppressing the victim’s progress in a certain function.
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I disagree with the argument made by the critics because the issue of ethics and morality in racial profiling depends on whether an individual uses the criteria as a means, ends, or both (a means and an end). In other words, “answers
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Racial profiling is discrimination that undermines the human rights and freedoms every human being is entitled to. Mexicans do not cross the border freely due to questioning by police and cross-examination
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His argument is that we should prohibit racial profiling. Let’s first understand the meaning of ‘Racial profiling’. It refers to any decision made by law enforcement that whose basis is on the belief that members of a certain ethnic group
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The Hispanics are foreign-born people of white origin. The African-Americans are the largest racial minority at 13.4% and are the most discriminated. An
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