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Technologies and Warfare - Research Paper Example

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Name: Date: Institution of affiliation: INTRODUCTION Since time in memorial the goal of any warring party has always been simple: to win. However the search for ways to achieve this has always proven difficult even as concerned persons try hard to device new techniques that will give them an upper hand over their opponents…
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Technologies and Warfare
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Technologies and Warfare

Download file to see previous pages... It is important to note that the art of war has a long history dating back to the days when people fought wars on foot. Here soldiers would organized themselves in block formation and would fight each other by either using slashing or stabbing weapons. The introduction of chariots brought a new technique that advanced this art and became the first locomotive in the battle field. In fact, many people consider chariots as an ancient tank. The first chariots were used in Mesopotamia at around 3000B.C. These chariots were very heavy and slow a factor that made them inefficient and could only be driven by oxen’s. Following its impracticability in wars, kings would always ride the solid wooden carts until they get to the battle field and the get out and fight on foot. Things changed to the better by around 1800 B.C as the chariots were modified shedding some weight and adding spoked wheels. This advancement allowed an archer and driver to ride together behind the chariot that was drawn by horses (Boot, 2006). These chariots became fast war machines that caused much problem to foot soldiers. Such is the case that Charioteers blaze past infantries, running right over the soldiers or riddling them with arrows. "Chariots were the super weapons of their age," says military historian Dr. Alex Roland. "They trumped everything else and became the decider of warfare." The use of Chariots spread all the way from Egypt and West Asia and to china India and Europe. Nations with lots of money developed thousands of chariots that dominated warfare in the Middle East between 1800 and 1200 B.C. the following work serves to detail the various economic benefits derived from technological advancement that have seen new type of weaponry introduced. In addition, the work will discuss various technologies that have impacted the wars both positively and negatively. ECONOMIC PURPOSE FOR DESIGNING NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR MODERN DAY CONFLICTS During these early periods, wars were costly with regard to lives lost and infrastructures destroyed a factor that necessitated the advent of new technologies that will realize the following economic benefits. i. Decreased Collateral Damage In the early days warring period resulted in great destructions with regard to buildings and other important establishments. Such is the case that regions would be attacked indiscriminately leading to huge losses, affecting unwarranted persons (Civilians). This changed greatly with the advent of sophisticated targeting systems and stealth technologies, a statement that is supported by the study undertaken by the Air Force military college Air University. Here, the collateral damages decreased considerably as new technologies allowed military personnel’s to strategically target important infrastructures and military emplacement(Binnendijk, 2002).Today, this is done with great precision and helps reduce the chances of bombing civilian’s structures by mistake. ii. Lower Civilian Casualties Another important undoing of the early techniques of war was the great number of civilian casualties. With the new technological advancement fewer civilians find themselves victims of military fires owing to the accuracy taken when targeting fortifications and buildings. This has worked to see the military forces undertake combat actions in a manner that ensures the minimal effect on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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