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Name: Kau Hang Hui Course: WRTG 3012 Instructor: Professor Heather Date: 1st December, 2013 Food waste recycles in United States Introduction Waste food is a global problem that has not fully been mitigated over long period of time. Averagely a third of the world produced food goes into waste…
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Download file to see previous pages Going by the research carried out in Arizona in 2004, 14-15% of edible food goes into waste. Unfortunately people go to an extent of purchasing food they really doesn’t need and a staggering 93% had done that in United States. General waste recycling Almost all the material we use day to day can be recycled. For example, glass, plastic, textile, electronics and metal. The materials to be recycled must have a collection system from where they get transported to a collection center, sorted out, cleaned and then reprocessed into new material ready for rebranding(Jenkins & Buffon, A, 2009). Normally recycling produce fresh supply of the same material for example used office paper converted to a new office papers. Recycling is a process used to covert a useless material (waste) into a new product to prevent it from: 1. Causing unnecessary air pollution. Incorrectly dumped garbage has bad smelling odor that is not friendly for human existence. 2. Reduce consumption of fresh raw material. Resources are limited in supply and putting future needs into consideration and not forgetting the future generation, we need to use resources conservatively. For example depletion of resources like energy can be bad for the future generation. 3. Reduce energy usage. ...
5. Lower greenhouse gas emissions and save fuel. Gas emissions such as Co or Co2 are harmful to human coexistence due to the destructive nature of such gases to the environment through causing ozone layer depletion. 6. Reduce environmental effects (ISO 14001:2004) Environmental management control of recycling practice. Emerging effect of improper disposal is high as far as environment is concerned. It helps conserve the natural resources and reduces environmental impact from logging and mining (D.M Sullivan, et al, 2003). 7. Reduce cost. It was believe in United States that disposal of waste is cost effective compared to recycling and thus they adopted a system of dumping and burning. Unfortunately this is quickly changing and the condition prompted William Thomson to say, “With landfill and incineration disposal cost rising steeply and their current reliability in question, it is important that Network move beyond its traditional reliance on dump-and–burn solutions. The local government and government believe it is a way of reducing littering and reduce cost of drinks. United States of America has had a challenge on waste handling since 1970 when they saw need for a change. Depositing in the landfills was becoming less of an option and a risky development to pursue. Some waste was considered too toxic in nature. By around 2006, the percentage of recycled Municipal solid waste was 32.5%, combustion with energy recovery at 12.5% and a discarded 12.5%. Food loss analysis all over the world Food loss and waste per person and year Total At the production and retail stages By consumers Europe 280 kg (620 lb) 190 kg (420 lb) 90 kg (200 lb) North America and Oceania 295 kg (650 lb) 185 kg (408 lb) 110 kg ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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