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Does Science Threaten Religion - Essay Example

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Over the past years, there has been debate about science being threat to the religion. Several scholars, religious hopefuls, evolutionists and the scientists have been on the forefront trying to defend themselves on this question…
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Does Science Threaten Religion
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Download file to see previous pages Religion is all about the fear of the unknown that is being used to manipulate the oblivious and superstitious people. Science basically is all about exploring the unknown and that is dangerous for religion. Scientists therefore believe in evolution and not religion. As the unknown are disclosed and the information gets publicized, the fears go away. Without fear as a control religions lose power and wealth (Ecklund 2012). The church in many cases argues that science was the cause of sin in the world. According to the church science tend to explain the deeper concepts that had been put in writing in the bible. This diverts people’s attention away from the church and thereby reducing their faith. The churches believe in their holy books as the ones that have the real and bona fide message from God and do not need anyone under the sun to neither dispute nor test in any way but should rather believe and do as it is indicated .The understanding of the word of God to the church is therefore non-negotiable and meaningful with no reasonable doubt. Scientists also have their argument that there exist some parts in the Qur’an that are shown by science to be true and is valid. Other scholars say that the biggest threat to the church today is the truth against the powers that the church is gaining over scientific theories in the world (Ecklund 2012). The roles of science and Religion can b complimentary in the society today. The complementary nature can be well seen in the primary and secondary causal of the actions of God. For instance when God separated the Red Sea to create a way for the faithful Israelites was a primary causal. Primary causal are the anomalous ways in which God uses. They can be direct, drastic, rapid and also miraculous actions by God. Secondary causal actions of God are the common and usual ways in which God operates to withstand as well as sustain the catastrophic processes in existence and use them to accomplish some of his missions to the people (Ecklund 2012). The complementary perception is in many cases helpful when God reveals and manifests himself through the secondary causes. For example, chemical descriptions and explanation of the synthesis and make up of water from hydrogen and oxygen atoms are complementary to a theological description of God's providential administration and governance of the chemicals during the reaction (Ecklund 2012). Scientific beliefs and theological beliefs are backing up and mutually reinforcing each other. Several scientific arguments such as the big bang theory gives support to the religious belief that the universe had a beginning as its origin and even the second law of thermodynamics. The theological beliefs were reasonable and realistic even before scientists came in. However, scientific discoveries have given them further support. For example the information on the DNA strands content, the human language and various constants of nature such as gravity. Any science history contains some aspect of theological belief attached to it. This is because science cannot be exercised in thin air but rather needs physiological presuppositions which include the existence and the order of nature and the general know how or knowledge of nature. Theology explains much about the world where the scientific proofs are best justified (Ecklund 2012). However, Science and theology are radically different and non cohesive spheres of life. The difference in the beliefs as every group tries to vindicate the naked truth. Science explains things using natural laws. Any action that is executed by God is not a natural law (Ecklund 2012). The role of The 1999 Kansas Board on Education decision brought the evolution discussion on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Does Science Threaten Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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